Family Enterprise (FENT)

FENT 190. Special Topics in Family Enterprise. 1 Unit.

FENT 235. Personal, Professional and Leadership Development. 1 Unit.

This course not only introduces the basic concepts of family enterprise, but also helps students apply what they have learned to a family’s enterprise. A major component of this course is students assessing their skills, interests, and career options in family enterprises. Not only will students create a personal development plan, but they will also take part in a weekly one-hour peer discussion group facilitated by an expert in family systems.

FENT 285. Independent Study. 0.5 or 1 Units.

FENT 290. Special Topics in Family Enterprise. 1 Unit.

FENT 350. Managerial Issues in Family Enterprise. 1 Unit.

This course addresses how the family involvement creates strategic challenges and opportunities. It will feature case studies, experiential exercises, guest speakers, and focuses on leadership, culture, staffing, strategy, and sustainability issues unique to Family Enterprise. Prerequisite: FENT 235 or Director approval.

FENT 355. Family Enterprise Ownership: Emphasis on Legal, Estate, and Asset Protection Issues. 1 Unit.

This course will enable students to evaluate issues that might have particular relevance in their family enterprise. The course examines ownership and governance aspects of a family enterprise. Specific topic areas include governance, power, leadership, management, competition liability, growth, and estate planning. Prerequisite: FENT 235 or instructor approval.

FENT 360. Case Studies in Family Business. 1 Unit.

Focusing on a family business context, and utilizing seminal theoretical frameworks in order to 'make sense' of complex and diverse real-life situations, the class is organized around the case study method. Working individually and in teams, participants gain strong analysis, recommendation and presentation abilities. Students who excel in this class are poised to compete at the University of Vermont's annual Global Family Case Competition.

FENT 385. Independent Study. 0.5 or 1 Units.

FENT 390. Special Topics in Family Enterprise. 1 Unit.

FENT 395. Teaching Apprenticeship. 0.5 Units.

Pass/Fail only.

FENT 397. Family Enterprise Internship. 0.5 or 1 Units.

The family enterprise internship gives students an opportunity to gain experience in a family-owned enterprise (or a firm that works with family-owned enterprises) other than their own. Students will work alongside a family enterprise to study, observe, and become involved in the actual operations of the business. Full time internships require 200 hours (1-unit) or 100 hours (.5 unit) within a semester time frame. A maximum of one unit of internship credit may be applied towards the BBA degree requirements.Prerequisite: FENT 235 or instructor approval. Prerequisite: FENT 235, minimum 2.5 major GPA, major in School of Business Administration, Permission of Internship Director or Management Chair.Enrollment in an internship course requires students to attend an orientation prior to beginning work at their internship site. For more information regarding internship orientations, please contact Career & Professional Development at or 386-822-7315.

FENT 455. Family Enterprise: Capstone. 1 Unit.

This course is a culmination of all the family enterprise course topics and skills. It integrates the student’s experience and learning in both family and business systems. Students will gain a broader and integrated understanding of the family, business, and ownership systems. In addition, students apply the information learned through their coursework to family enterprise. By the end of the course, students have created a portfolio outlining the skills, credentials, and experiences that demonstrate their worth in the market. An emphasis on process consulting will be part of this course. Prerequisites: FENT 235, FENT 355 and FENT 397, or instructor approval.

FENT 485. Independent Study. 0.5 or 1 Units.

FENT 490. Special Topics in Family Enterprise. 1 Unit.

FENT 585. Independent Study. 3 Credits.