Bachelor of Science in Health Science

General Education Requirements
The student must complete the General Education Requirements of the College of Arts and Sciences.9
Major Requirements
HLSC 201Anatomy & Physiology I1
HLSC 202Anatomy and Physiology II1
HLSC 119VHealth and Wellness1
Select one Statistics course:1
Health and Medical Statistics
Behavioral Statistics
Introduction to Mathematical and Statistical Modeling
HLSC 309Research Methods in the Health Sciences1
HLSC 411Exercise Physiology1
HLSC 498Senior Research Proposal1
HLSC 499Senior Research Project1
Select four courses from the following (2 courses must be HLSC courses)4
Introduction to Nutrition Science
Introduction to Public Health
Global Health
Basic Biomechanics
Aging of Physiological Systems
Ethical Issues in Health Care
Seminar in Integrative Medicine
Special Topics in Health Science
Advanced Human Anatomy
Sport Nutrition
Medical Terminology and Pathology
Immunology and Hematology
Organic Chemistry I
Biochemistry I
Organic Chemistry II
Health Communication
Food & Nutrition in the Media
Health Communications Campaigns
Developmental Psychology
Health Psychology
Drugs, Mind, and Behavior
Biological Psychology
Collateral Requirements
BIOL 141PIntroductory Biology I: Biochemistry, Cell Biology and Molecular Genetics1
BIOL 142PIntroductory Biology II: Animal and Plant Physiology1
PSYC 101SIntroduction to Psychology1
Recommended Courses
Health Science students considering careers in medicine/allied health or graduate study are strongly encouraged to take CHEM 141P and CHEM 142P and/or PHYS 121P and PHYS 122P as part of their undergraduate program. Advising tracks for pre-medicine, rehabilitative studies, allied health professions, and health promotion are located on the HLSC department website.
General Electives8
Total Units32