Minor in Anthropology - 5 units

Derived from the Greek anthropos (human) and logos (expression), anthropology is the study of what it means to be human. It touches on the fields of sociology, biology, evolution, environmental science, economics, ethnic studies, history, religious studies, philosophy, communications, art, geography, linguistics, and political science. Because the field of anthropology is so broad, students from all backgrounds and various interests can find something they want with this minor. Plus, the skills that anthropology minors develop are extremely beneficial to students in their careers and for postgraduate studies in many disciplines.

ANTH 101BUnderstanding Culture: An Introduction to Anthropology (Can be used as an S course)1
ANTH 201POur Human Origins: Introduction to Physical Anthropology1
ANTH 301Field Research Methods in Anthropology1
SOCI 494Sociology and Anthropology Colloquium (Once)0
Anthropology minors must take 2 additional elective courses from this list:2
Glory of Greece I: Greek Art and Archaeology
Glory of Greece II: Greek Art and Archaeology
Glory of Rome: Roman Art and Archaeology
Independent Study
Independent Study
Independent Study
Special Topics in Anthropology
Special Topics in Anthropology
Special Topics in Anthropology
From Voodoo to the Saints: African American Religions (Junior Seminar)
No Way Out: Pompeii and Katrina (Junior Seminar)
Internship in Anthropology
Mayan Culture
Gender and Difference in Biblical Texts and Traditions
The World of the Bible I: The Middle East
The World of the Bible II: The Mediterranean World
Slaves, Whores, and Poors: Religion and Oppression
Total Units5