Public Health

Minor in Public Health Studies - 6 units

Required Courses
PUBH 140VIntroduction to Public Health1
PUBH 303Global Health1
PUBH 308QHealth and Medical Statistics1
PUBH 325Epidemiology1
Select 2 units from two different areas among the following:2
Biomedical Sciences
Introductory Biology I: Biochemistry, Cell Biology and Molecular Genetics
Future-Human Health&Wellness (Junior Seminar)
Biochemistry I
Introduction to Nutrition Science
Anatomy & Physiology I
Anatomy and Physiology II
Research Methods in the Health Sciences
Aging of Physiological Systems
Seminar in Integrative Medicine
Community Health Care Seminar
Health Coach Practicum I
Exercise Physiology
Laboratory Techniques
Environmental Health
Water Wars (Junior Seminar)
Environmental and Resource Economics
Intermediate Macroeconomics
Sustainable Communities: Participation, Planning, and Policy
Population, Society, and Environment
Health Informatics, Data Analytics, and Other Quantitative Methods
Predictive Analytics
Health Informatics
Big Data Mining and Analytics
Artificial Intelligence
Geographic Information Systems and Science
Mathematical Modeling and Computer Simulation
Health and Healthcare Policy, Administration, Ethics, and Economics
Essentials of Economics II
Poverty and Microcredit
Environmental and Resource Economics
History of American Health Care (Can be used as an H course)
Bio-Medical Ethics
Sustainable Communities: Participation, Planning, and Policy
Public Administration
Civic Engagement (Junior Seminar)
Frontiers in Bioethics (Junior Seminar)
The Ethics of Mortality
Social, Behavioral, Educational, and Cultural Aspects of Public Health
Beauty & Body in Amer Cult.
Field Research Methods in Anthropology
Intercultural Communication (Can be used as a D course)
Health Communication
Food, Communication and Culture
Food & Nutrition in the Media
Health Communications Campaigns
Educational Psychology
Principles and Methods of Instruction for Diverse Learners
Human Exceptionalities
Cultural Diversity Education
Healing and Wholeness in Contemporary Literature (Junior Seminar)
Soul Food Across the Color Lines (Junior Seminar)
Immigration, Race and Ethnicity in American History: 1600 to Present
Gender in American History, 1800 to Present
The Holocaust
History of American Health Care (Can be used as an H course)
Global Migration and Diasporas
Health and Wellness
Contemporary Moral Dilemmas (Junior Seminar)
Civic Engagement (Junior Seminar)
Introduction to Psychology
Abnormal Psychology
Human Sexuality
Social Psychology
Health Psychology
Drugs, Mind, and Behavior
Frontiers in Bioethics (Junior Seminar)
The Ethics of Mortality
Population, Society, and Environment
Social Inequality
Community-Based Research (Junior Seminar)
Medicine and Health in Society
Total Units6

In alignment with other programs within the college, students will be allowed to overlap two courses between the Public Health Studies minor and other majors and minors across the college.

Note that some courses listed above are cross-categorized, due to the nature of the course content.