Campus Life and Student Success

Your college experience is full of excitement and challenge! Our goal at Stetson is to prepare you to go into the job market or graduate school having clarified your values and gaining skills that will assist you in being competitive and successful. Inside and outside of the classroom you will develop in areas such as the ability to be articulate in speaking and writing, the skills to work in teams and in a world full of diverse people, and the development of skills including leadership skills, conflict resolution strategies and the ability to live a well and balanced life.  

Campus Life and Student Success offers Hatters resources, information, and services to empower them to achieve success and significance at Stetson and beyond.  The Campus Life and Student Success umbrella includes a set of offices - Career and Professional Development, Housing and Residential Life, Diversity and Inclusion, Public Safety, Health Service, Student Development and Campus Vibrancy, Community Standards, Wellness and Recreation, the Counseling Center, Community Engagement, and the Academic Success Center (including tutoring, accessibility resources for students with disabilities, supplemental instruction and success coaching). Below is a list of some of the ways you can engage with Campus Life and Student Success.  

  • Cross Cultural Center: The “Tri-C” provides a fantastic location on campus to socialize, study, and meet with the many multicultural student organizations including many cultural and religious clubs who work to empower a campus towards inclusive excellence.
  • Success Coaching: Academic Success provides free, one-on-one coaching that offers students direction in academic areas such as time management, note-taking skills, active reading, and test preparation. A success coach works with students individually to support their journey toward academic success, providing support and accountability along the way.
  • Tutoring and Supplemental Instruction: Tutors and Stetson Peer Instructors (SPI's) are highly qualified students who work in various disciplines to help students succeed in difficult subject areas. Students can meet with tutors or attend SPI sessions to review principles, learn content-specific study strategies, and enhance content area knowledge.
  • Accessibility Resources for Students with Disabilities: Academic Success promotes Stetson’s value of diversity and inclusion by facilitating accommodations and guidance for students with disabilities.
  • Career and Professional Development: The Career and Professional Development staff provide opportunities to connect Stetson students with engagement in the world of work through methods such as site visits, mock interviews, career fairs, and internships. They aim to empower students to make informed, values-based career and graduate school choices.
  • Academic Advising: All Stetson students are given a faculty advisor in their chosen area of study to guide them through complex academic choices. In addition, the advising office helps to transition all first-year students into courses and assists undecided students as they navigate their curricular choices. Students who enter the University without a declared major are part of the Discovery Program. The Discovery Program empowers students to assess their own place in the world by becoming aware of personal strengths, values, areas for development, and talents leading to selecting the best curricular path.
  • Community Engagement: Community Engagement can work with you to engage with a community partner to do work to assist your learning and meet community needs. Students can also receive a Certificate of Community Engagement.
  • Student Development and Campus Vibrancy: Fraternity and Sorority Life, Student Organizations, Leadership, First Year and Transitions, SGA and more make up this department which seeks to help you get engaged at Stetson in your own personal way.
  • Wellness and Recreation: Wellness and Recreation assists students in meeting their fitness and wellness goals while on campus. The Hollis Center facilities, Intramurals, Club Sports, Group Exercise, and SOAR (Outdoor Recreation) are all ways to get involved with fitness. Programs for students that educate around health topics important for success in college, including but not limited to alcohol, drugs, sexual health, nutrition and stress are a focus.
  • Community Standards: As a unified community, Stetson has outlined standards we ask all of our students to meet. Community Standards educates, modifies and holds students accountable for these standards.
  • Health Service: Health Service provides care like a doctor’s office would but right on campus, thanks to a partnership with Florida Hospital.
  • Counseling Center: Stetson offers students both one-on-one and group professional counseling. Our Counselors are experts in the experience of college students as well as overall mental health.
  • Residential Life and Housing: Housing on campus provides students with a great place to live and learn. Peer staff, Resident Assistants, are within our community to assist with community building, educational programming, and to assist you with any facilities or other needs.

Navigating the college experience can pose different challenges for students. Campus Life and Student Success is happy to assist students with any issues that may arise and will reach out to students who have been repeatedly absent in class or are struggling academically to suggest a success coaching appointment or offer other appropriate assistance. We encourage all students to visit us on the 2nd floor of the CUB at the HUB desk and/or contact us at