Stetson University is committed to recognizing outstanding student achievement through the awarding of merit based scholarship packages in the admission process. These funds are awarded by the Office of Admissions and may be based on a variety of criteria. 

The Awarding of Merit Based Scholarship Packages

Merit based scholarship packages are awarded at the time of admission to the University and are based on information included in the application for admission and supporting materials. Stetson University currently awards the following merit based scholarship packages:

  • Presidential Scholarship Package
  • Faculty Scholarship Package
  • Deans Scholarship Package
  • Hatter Scholarship Package

Each admitted student will receive notification of their merit scholarship package offer from the Office of Admissions. These awards may be entirely from the primary scholarship fund or comprised of multiple funds that match the student's eligibility and profile. Stetson University may make adjustments to the funds that comprise a specific merit based scholarship package at any time for any reason without increasing or decreasing the total dollar amount awarded to the student. While it is considered an honor to receive a donor funded scholarship as part of a merit based scholarship package, it will not typically result in an increase in the total amount of funding represented by the scholarship package. Stetson University may decrease the total dollar amount awarded in a merit based scholarship package in cases where a student is not in compliance with the renewal requirements for the funding as outlined below. 

Merit based scholarship packages at Stetson University are awarded based on an all sources of funding model. As such, the total dollar amount of a merit based scholarship package or other institutional need based funding may be reduced to accommodate other sources of funding received by the student including other scholarships from outside sources. The University will not award scholarship amounts in excess of actual educational costs at Stetson and most scholarships will not exceed the cost of tuition. Stetson University does not issue refunds from institutional funding sources in the event that a student's aid exceeds their direct charges. 

Merit Based Scholarship Package Renewal Policy

Institutional scholarship funds are renewable for up to eight semesters or until the student earns their undergraduate degree (whichever is earlier) for a student who enters as a first time in college applicant. Institutional scholarships for transfer students are renewable for the period specified in their initial scholarship notification letter or until they earn their undergraduate degree (whichever is earlier).  All institutional funding, including funds packaged as part of a merit based scholarship package, require full time enrollment as defined in the catalog. Students enrolled at less than full time status will not be eligible for institutional funds. A minimum 2.75 cumulative grade point average (GPA) is required for renewal of most Stetson scholarships unless the donor has requested a higher GPA requirement. Stetson University does not consider rounded GPAs in calculation of renewal eligibility for any student. GPAs will be reviewed at the end of each spring term and students who fail to meet the renewal GPA will be allowed to receive their full scholarship package on a probationary status for the 2 semesters immediately following the term that lowered their cumulative GPA below the 2.75 benchmark. Students who have received their full scholarship package on a probationary status for 2 semesters and do not raise their cumulative GPA to the required 2.75 benchmark will receive reduced scholarship aid each academic year their cumulative GPA remains below a 2.75. Deductions in merit based scholarship aid will occur in the following order: 

  • 100% of the original scholarship package amount is available each term of full time enrollment a student's cumulative GPA is at or above a 2.75
  • 100% of the original scholarship package amount is available for 2 terms of full time enrollment immediately after a student's cumulative GPA falls below a 2.75
  • 75% of the original scholarship package amount will be available each academic year a student who has used their full probation period maintains a cumulative GPA of less than 2.75
  • 0% of the scholarship package amount is available for terms a student is enrolled at less than full time status

Any student who receives a reduction in their merit based scholarship package can submit an appeal to the Office of Student Financial Planning if their cumulative GPA returns to a level of 2.75 or above. If approved, the Office of Student Financial Planning may return all or a portion of the reduced scholarship funds for the current or following semester. Stetson University does not guarantee the availability of increased merit based funding for students through this appeals process. 

Additional Types of Scholarship Funding: 

Students at Stetson University may be offered other forms of institutional scholarship funding based on talent and participation in programs through various academic divisions including the School of Music, the School of Business Administration, and the College of Arts & Sciences. Students may also receive institutional scholarship aid for participation in sports programs through the division of Athletics. Stetson University reserves the right to adjust merit based scholarship packages and other institutional aid to accommodate offers of scholarship through these programs. Students should consult advisors in their specific program or the Office of Student Financial Planning to review the terms and conditions of such scholarship offers prior to acceptance.