University Programs

Organizational Leadership Adult Degree Completion Program

The primary goal of the major in Organizational Leadership is to help students enhance their leadership effectiveness so that their decision-making skills result in successful solutions to complex problems. Advancing a holistic view of organizations will help improve students’ understanding of the interrelatedness of leadership, organizational structure, culture, and processes, and the affect these factors have on organizational performance. The major will follow an intensive course of study that is delivered on-site in Orlando, Jacksonville and Tampa, with an occasional cohort at the DeLand campus. Additionally, may choose to enroll in one of five cohorts:  health care/public health, financial services/risk management, technology, hospitality, and profit/non-profit/government types of organizations. Blended one night a week and Saturday only classes afford these busy adults the ability to complete their degree from a highly respected academic institution.  Utilizing a highly structured lock-step cohort model throughout the program allows students to form mutually supportive learning communities. We expect students to arrive with 60 or more credit hours in order to be accepted into the major. Students will need the same number of units/credits as any student at Stetson seeking the B.A. and must meet all University graduation requirements, such as time in residency and required GPA.

Program requirements will be announced soon.