Pass/Fail Policy Addendum - Spring 2020

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Spring 2020 Pass/Fail policy for Undergraduate Courses

Most Stetson University courses award letter grades at the end of the course, though some courses are offered regularly that are credited on a Pass/Fail basis. For the spring 2020 semester only, undergraduate students may elect to take as Pass/Fail any course that normally awards a letter grade of A through F. Unlike typical semesters, courses in a major or minor as well as Foundation courses and Junior Seminars may be taken Pass/Fail. Unlike typical semesters, students may elect to take any number of courses Pass/Fail. Courses taken Pass/Fail in the spring 2020 semester will not count against a student’s two courses allowed for Pass/Fail election after the spring 2020 semester when the standard Pass/Fail policy is back in place.

With the Pass/Fail option, a passing grade (D- or higher) is reported as a P, credit is earned, and the grade has no impact on the GPA, while a failing grade continues to be reported as an F, no credit is earned, and the F is included in the GPA. A student choosing to exercise this option must do so through completion of a Pass/Fail form in the Office of the Registrar by the last class day of the semester: April 29. No changes to the Pass/Fail election may be made after this established deadline.

The additional flexibility provided to students through this expanded policy should be considered carefully. Students who are considering graduate study, are on academic warning, are intending to graduate, or are working toward particular levels of academic achievement (such as cum laude recognitions) will want to speak with their instructors and advisors before taking advantage of this policy.