Arabic (LARB)


LARB 101. Elementary Arabic I. 1 Unit.

This course focuses on the basics of Modern Arabic. Topics include greetings, social interactions, geography, ordering in a restaurant, asking for information and other survival skills. Language topics include the Arabic alphabet, nouns, adjectives, verbs and agreement rules. Not available to native speakers.

LARB 102L. Elementary Arabic II. 1 Unit.

Continuation of LARB 101. Beginner level course in Modern Standard Arabic (MSA) language and culture. Continued use of textbook, with a lab component and practice with native speakers of Arabic. Prerequisite: LARB 101, appropriate placement scores, or permission of instructor. Not available to native speakers.

LARB 201L. Intermediate Arabic I. 1 Unit.

Prerequisite: LARB 102L or placement test.

LARB 202L. Intermediate Arabic II. 1 Unit.

Prerequisite: LARB 201L. Not available to native speakers.