Linguistics (LING)


LING 190. Special Topics in Linguistics. 1 Unit.

LING 215S. Introduction to Psycholinguistics. 1 Unit.

This course aims to develop a basic understanding of how individuals process one or more languages in the mind. It intends to explore biological and developmental concepts of language. This course will start by examining language development among children as well as adults. It will focus on processes humans engage when comprehending and producing different types of languages. In the case of bilingualism or multilingualism, this course will also explore how bilinguals and multilingual speakers are able to manage and control more than one language in the mind. The processes of early and late bilingualism will also be introduced. How is it possible that fluent bilingual/multilingual speakers are able to activate one single language and suppress another rather effortlessly? What kind of cognitive functions are responsible for language control? What kind of mental processes are responsible for word recognition and/or production? Are the processes involving word recognition the same in first and second language? This course will introduce various psycholinguistic models of language processing such as the Bilingual Interactive Activation Model of Word Recognition(BIA+) and Levelt's Model of Speech Production. In this class the nature of human language will also be explored in comparison to animal utterances and how it can or cannot be considered a type of language.The cognitive consequences of language development and bilingualism will also be presented.

LING 290. Special Topics in Linguistics. 1 Unit.

LING 301. Introduction to Linguistics. 1 Unit.

Required for teaching certification. Introduction to the scientific study of languages. Overview of the various fields of linguistics with readings and discussions of the most important current trends in this discipline. Prerequisite: Open to all students who have satisfied the University language requirement.

LING 390. Special Topics in Linguistics. 1 Unit.

LING 490. Special Topics in Linguistics. 1 Unit.