World Languages & Cultures (WLGC)


WLGC 301B. Approaches to World Cultural Studies. 1 Unit.

The course introduces students to the basic principles and methods of Cultural Studies. Focusing on cultural material (literature, film, visual arts, music etc.) of Western and Non-Western nations, the course stresses a critical reflection on diverse cultural experiences, behaviors and norms and seeks to establish relationships amongst these norms and values within a global context.

WLGC 331V. Social, Political and Economic Issues in Spain and the Hispanic World. 1 Unit.

This course focuses on Stetson's Social Justice Value. This course will examine a variety of issues, such as government repression, terrorism, racism, immigration, homelessness, marginalization, and the effects of globalization, within Spain and the Spanish-speaking world.. Junior Seminar.

WLGC 397. Internship in World Lang/Cult. 0.5 or 1 Units.

Through placement in an approved setting where journalism is practiced, students will have an opportunity to enrich their classroom knowledge with field experience. Full-unit internships require 140 hours for the semester; half-unit internships require 70 hours for the semester. Specific requirements will be presented by way of a contract signed by the student. Basic expectations include a journal, a portfolio of work (if applicable), and a letter of evaluation from the site supervisor. Pre-requisites: permission of program coordinator, junior standing, and completion of both JOUR 100 and one Ideas course. May be repeated for credit up to 2 units, but a maximum of one unit may be applied to the minor. Enrollment in an internship course requires students to attend an orientation prior to beginning work at their internship site. For more information regarding internship orientations, please contact Career & Professional Development at or 386-822-7315.

WLGC 499. Senior Research in Translation. 1 Unit.

Annotated translation senior project: Substantial translation of an original untranslated text, with translator?s note on translingual and transcultural difficulties, and cultural background research on the topic. Prerequisite: Minimum of two 300-level L designated courses.