Registration, Course Loads, and Course Enrollment

College of Arts and Sciences Programs

Specific course requirements and maximum credit hours per term are different for each program.  Additional coursework may be required if the Department or the Graduate Council determines that the student’s background is inadequate in the field in which he or she intends to major. Although students may take up to twelve credits during fall and spring semesters and nine credits during the summer term, students are considered “full-time” when they take six credits in the fall and spring semesters, and six credits during the summer.

School of Business Administration Graduate Programs

Registration and Registration Deadlines

At each registration, courses must be selected with advice of the student’s academic advisor.  Students are required to register online. Registration for a course obligates the student to pay tuition for the course unless an official drop or withdrawal is accomplished. Be advised some graduate courses do not follow the typical University calendar. Please refer to the MBA and MAcc academic calendar or contact the Office of Graduate Business Program for actual dates and times.

All new and continuing graduate business students should register for classes no later than two (2) weeks prior to the first day of classes for the semester for which they are registering. Following the registration deadline, course enrollments will be reviewed by the Graduate Business Office, and decisions on class cancellations due to low enrollments will be made at that time.

Enrollment Requirements for Graduate Business Courses

Only students admitted into a graduate business program are permitted to enroll in advanced-level coursework. The following general policy will be applied by all directors of graduate business programs in determining the eligibility of a Stetson undergraduate business student to enroll in advanced level courses:

  • Generally, in order for a student to enroll in an advanced-level business course, that student will be enrolled in a Stetson graduate business degree program. [Note: completion of certain established prerequisites may be required for enrollment in a particular graduate course. Further, a director of a graduate business program may choose to deny enrollment in a graduate course that is unique to his/her program to students not enrolled in that degree program.]
  • Students currently enrolled in the Stetson bachelor of business administration degree program may be permitted to enroll in an advanced level business course subject to the following requirements:
    • The student has been granted conditional admission to a Stetson graduate business degree program.
    • The student has completed the necessary prerequisite(s) for the graduate course(s) in which he or she intends to enroll.
    • The student is enrolled in his or her final semester of coursework for the bachelor of business administration degree program, needs two course units or less of undergraduate coursework to complete the degree program, is enrolled in all of the undergraduate courses needed to graduate, and intends to graduate at the end of that semester.
    • The student’s overall Stetson undergraduate grade point average is 3.2 or above. For students with conditional admission to the M.Acc. program, the student’s Stetson accounting (e.g., major) grade point average is also 3.2 or above.
    • The student has presented a satisfactory GMAT score, if applicable.
    • A petition to enroll in graduate courses prior to completing a bachelor's degree program must be submitted to the appropriate graduate business program director prior to the commencement of the semester in which the student intends to enroll.
    • The petition must be accompanied by a written recommendation from a faculty member teaching in the student’s undergraduate major that specifically addresses the student’s ability to successfully complete graduate work while simultaneously completing the undergraduate degree.
    • A student with 1.5 course units (6 credit hours) or less remaining to complete the undergraduate degree program will be permitted to enroll in a maximum of six credit hours of graduate-level courses. A student with two course units (8 credit hours) remaining to complete the undergraduate degree program will be permitted to enroll in a maximum of three credit hours of graduate-level courses.
    • Graduate hours earned (with a grade of C- or better) under this policy will be transferable into the selected graduate program upon final acceptance.
    • This exception may only be applied once.

Master of Science in Pharmacy/Master of Business Administration Continuation Policy

Students enrolled in the dual degree program leading to a Master of Science in Pharmacy from the University of Florida and a Master of Business Administration from Stetson shall begin their studies in the Pharmacy program. After completing at least six hours of Pharmacy courses, students will be permitted to complete select Master of Business Administration courses while continuing to pursue the Master of Science in Pharmacy degree. Students must have their UF M.S.P. degree conferred in order to be awarded elective transfer credit toward the M.B.A. degree. If a student fails to complete a course within the designated sequence, the student's graduation may be delayed.