Transfer of Courses/Credits

College of Arts and Sciences Graduate Programs

Transfer of course credit is not automatic. For most programs, a maximum of six credits may be transferred from another regionally accredited graduate school provided these credits are approved by the Department as part of the student’s planned program.  Note: Transfer credits expire six years after their completion.

For the MFA Program, students may transfer a maximum and minimum of eleven credits, provided the student has taken a combination of courses and credit hours equivalent to one MFA course (11 credits).  Students coming to Stetson to earn a second MFA in another creative writing genre may transfer in their first degree as a semester’s worth of credits hours.

As with other programs, these courses must be taken at an accredited graduate school and the credits must be approved by the Department. Counselor Education transfer courses will only be considered if they were completed in a CACREP accredited program.  No grade below B will be accepted for transfer credit. The student must fill out an appropriate form requesting transfer credit.

An admitted student wishing to take coursework at another institution must first have the written approval of the Department before taking the course at the other institution. Upon completion of the approved course from the other institution, the following are required for Department final approval and processing:

  • A Transfer Request Form available in the Office of Graduate Studies
  • An official transcript from the other institution
  • A copy of the course syllabus outlining work completed  

School of Business Administration Graduate Programs

Advanced course requirements are ordinarily to be taken at Stetson. The following general policy will be applied by all directors of graduate business programs when awarding graduate transfer credit:

  • A maximum of six hours of graduate credit is transferable upon entry into a  graduate degree program, except for the Online MBA, for which a maximum of nine hours of graduate credit is transferable into the program.1
  • Only business or economics courses taken at an AACSB-accredited university and in which the student earned a grade of B or above are eligible for transfer. Pass/fail and internship courses are not eligible for transfer credit. Exceptions will be granted at the discretion of the Executive Director.
  • Courses may not be transferred from a previously completed degree program for credit; the student may choose to either re-take the applicable course at Stetson or select an alternative course in the same discipline, subject to director approval.
  • Graduate credit must have prior approval by the director of the graduate program and the appropriate department chair. Students may be required to present course descriptions and/or course syllabi for review.
  • The director of the graduate program, in consultation with the appropriate department chair(s), will determine if a course is the equivalent of a current graduate program advanced requirement. If the course is not determined to be equivalent, the course may be given credit as a graduate elective, if approved by the director of the graduate program.
  • Students who graduated from a Stetson School of Business Administration graduate partner program within the last five years may transfer the eligible elective credits from that partner program to the Stetson graduate business program upon admission. 

  • Transfer or double-counting of courses/credits between the Stetson MAcc and MBA programs are at the director’s discretion.

In accordance with University policy, no transfer credit shall be awarded for courses taken at another institution during a term in which a degree-seeking student is enrolled at Stetson.