University Policies Applicable to Graduate Programs

Learning Assessment Policy

Stetson University is committed to excellence in all academic programs. The University measures the success of all programs by regularly assessing student performance. While the outcomes of these assessments are primarily for internal use, Stetson University may occasionally report the results of these assessments in published research or academic conferences. These result reports will not include information that could identify the student or the instructor. The use of this information within the institution is part of normal educational practice; however, students may choose not to allow data derived from their own work to be used for published reports or presentations by signing an “opt out” form in the Institutional Research Office.

Attendance Policy

Instructors establish attendance policies to support academic excellence in their courses. Students who must miss classes, especially for Stetson-sanctioned activities, must discuss these in advance with the instructor. Stetson University supports participation in and observance of religious and spiritual practices and will endeavor to make reasonable accommodation of the academic schedule to make such participation possible. The impact on academic excellence is always the central concern in any accommodation.

Final Exam Policy

Examinations or equivalent final projects are given in all courses.  Due to the nature of Graduate Programs, graduate students must refer to their course syllabi for course expectations.  Students who miss a final exam or project without prior faculty or Dean approval are liable for failure of the course.

Course Syllabi Policy

Students will be provided with a syllabus on the first day of class, summarizing basic information about the course. This syllabus may take a variety of forms but must include the following information:

  1. Course goals, objectives, and requirements as they relate to the goals of the academic program (major, minor, or General Education).
  2. Methods of instruction to be used
  3. Plan for how learning will be assessed, including a grading scale
  4. Attendance policy
  5. Instructor's office hours and methods of contact (e.g., email and office telephone)
  6. Final examination requirement
  7. Statement of Stetson’s Academic Integrity policy (Honor Code)
  8. Special Needs:  Please see the Disability Services section of this Catalog for more information.