Advising Course Plan - Environmental Science Major 2-Year Plan

This advising plan shows an example of working through the requirements for the major in two years.  It is appropriate for students who have already completed sixteen units of coursework with many of the General Education requirements satisfied by that earlier coursework.  The student’s individual academic plan will be developed in consultation with an adviser and reviewed each semester prior to registering for the next semester.  This plan assumes that the student has  earned the equivalent of Introduction to Environmental Science and Studies (ENSS 140V) prior to the first semester shown in the plan.  Students who have completed less than 16 units, have a substantial number of General Education requirements yet to satisfy, or who have not completed the courses just listed may not be able to complete the degree in two years.

Courses for the major that should be completed prior to the first semester of this plan: ENSS 140P Introduction to Environmental Science and Studies
First Year
ENSS 141PEnvironmental Science: Methods and Practice1
ENSS 218
or 319
Environmental Law Policy
Water Policy
ENSS 201Introduction to Maps and Geographic Information Systems1
Major Elective - Natural Science11
 Term Units4
ENSS 301Geographic Information Systems and Science1
ENSS 497Research Proposal0.5
MATH 125Q, ENSS 345Q,
or BIOL 243Q
Introduction to Mathematical and Statistical Modeling
Statistics for Environmental Professionals
Major Elective - Natural Science11
Junior Seminar1
 Term Units4.5
Second Year
ENSS 498Senior Research Project1
Major Elective - Natural Science11
Major Elective - Social Science, Policy, or Planning21
General Education Requirement or Elective1
 Term Units4
ENSS 499Senior Seminar0.5
ENSS 219
or PHIL 317V
Ethics for Environmental Professionals
Environmental Ethics
General Education Requirement or Elective1
General Education Requirement or Elective1
 Term Units3.5
Total Unit: 16

One of three Major Elective courses in Natural Science (at least one must be ENSS)



One Major Elective course in Social Science and Policy