Minor in Anthropology - 5 units

Derived from the Greek anthropos (human) and logos (expression), anthropology is the study of what it means to be human. It touches on the fields of sociology, biology, evolution, environmental science, economics, ethnic studies, history, religious studies, philosophy, communications, art, geography, linguistics, and political science. Because the field of anthropology is so broad and develops diverse skills, students from all backgrounds and with various interests can benefit in their careers and postgraduate studies in many disciplines.

ANTH 101BUnderstanding Culture: An Introduction to Anthropology (Can be used as an S course)1
ANTH 201POur Human Origins: Introduction to Physical Anthropology1
ANTH 301Qualitative Research Methods1
or SOCI 301 Qualitative Research Methods
Anthropology minors must take 2 additional elective units from the following:2
Tango,Telenovelas,Taco Trucks
Special Topics in Anthropology
Special Topics in Anthropology
Special Topics in Anthropology
Internship in Anthropology
Mayan Culture
Sociology of Developing Societies
Examining a Pandemic: An Interdisciplinary Approach to Tuberculosis
Total Units5