Approved Leave, Exit and Readmission

Students who wish to permanently leave the University must complete the Approved Leave/Exit Form, available on the Campus Life and Student Success website. This includes students who intend to transfer to another institution.

Additionally, students who wish to take a leave from the University during a Fall or Spring semester (excludes summer term) with an intent to re-enroll in a future term, must also complete the Approved Leave/Exit Form. Students then apply for readmission by completing the Application for Readmission Form on the Office of Admissions website.

Students who attend other colleges or universities during an absence must have their official transcript(s) sent to the university for evaluation. Transfer credit for such courses is subject to the University’s regular transfer policies as stated in the Pre-College Credit and Transfers section of this Catalog.

After an absence of more than two regular semesters (excluding summer term), students must meet the degree requirements of the University Catalog in effect at the time of re-entry.

Students may be asked to provide additional documentation pending the reasons provided for your Leave of Absence.  This may include proof of employment, medical documentation, counseling support letters, and/or recommendations of resources needed for support to return.

In accordance with the Higher Education Re-authorization Act, Stetson University will readmit veterans at the same academic status in which they left the institution, provided the veteran notifies the college in advance of their deployments and are not absent from the institution for more than five years, cumulatively. Those students who fail to provide advance notice may re-enroll after providing proof of service.