The Stetson Promise

What is The Stetson Promise? 

Stetson University is committed to students graduating in four years or less; students having high-impact, practical learning opportunities; and each student experiencing outstanding faculty and distinctive academic programs. We are so committed that we made it a promise. A promise to you.  

  1. You will graduate in four years or less.
  2. Internships, faculty-student research, senior research, public performance, study abroad (all the ways that Stetson helps you put theory to practice) are available to you.
  3. You will participate in distinctive academic programs with great faculty.

Graduate in Four Years

At Stetson University, we promise you can graduate in four years or less.

When you make the commitment to participate in the Stetson Promise, we make the commitment to be here to connect, help and guide you. Our graduates go on to start successful careers in business, health, education, law and more, or to seek additional education at the master’s and doctorate level.

When you declare your major, we will provide you with an Advising Course Plan and the guidance you need to stay on track. Some students know what they want to do and declare a major when they apply and enroll, so they start out with an Advising Course Plan in hand. Others want a chance to discover the many different directions an education can take, and begin in our Discovery program1. Whether you come in through our Discovery program, or decide to take a different major, as a participant in the Stetson Promise we will provide the assessment and mentoring you need to help you stay on track and let you know if, and when, you’re wandering off the path.

Either way, if you fulfill all the Stetson Promise requirements and obligations, and get to the end of four years with unfulfilled requirements, Stetson University will cover up to a full semester of tuition for the courses you need to successfully graduate2

Internships and ELE

At Stetson University, we promise you can take the ideas and theories you learn, research and study in the classroom, and test them out. It’s called putting “theory to practice.”

At Stetson University, it’s known as an Experiential Learning Experience. As a comprehensive university, Stetson prioritizes experiential learning in all of its schools and colleges, both graduate and undergraduate alike. Stetson defines experiential learning as:

  • Experiential learning is a pedagogy (by means of a designed learning experience) that takes the theory learned in the classroom and puts it into practice through real-world learning experiences that relate to your academic coursework.

Stetson University fulfills this promise to you by providing different ELE opportunities that meet the requirements of the colleges, schools and programs, however students are responsible for meeting all requirements to qualify for their experiential learning.

Many students do it through internships, working with the companies and industries that have the potential career paths they plan to take, but internships are just one way to participate in experiential learning. Others participate in research with faculty, sometimes leading to personal credit on academic papers or a chance to present or co-present research outcomes at regional and national conferences.

  • In the College of Arts and Sciences, the entire student body conducts a senior research projects in areas of study or career opportunity. Once a year we literally take the entire day to celebrate student research and outcomes at “Stetson Showcase.”
  • In the School of Music, students put “theory to practice” through public performances and venues, sometimes taking their talents on regional road trips.
  • In the School of Business Administration, all business majors are required to have at least two internships or other theory-to-practice opportunities that can include study abroad, study away (an internship or field study within the United States), community engagement, student leadership position, music performance, senior research or faculty-student research project.

Academics and Faculty

At Stetson University, we promise you will have an opportunity to experience excellent faculty in outstanding and distinctive programs.

Our pledge to you is that you will experience outstanding academics and mentoring relationships, and have the opportunity to participate in one of Stetson’s distinctive academic programs within our colleges and schools. Stetson delivers on this pledge by emphasizing teaching, learning and the faculty-student relationship (not ratio).

Here’s how Stetson’s colleges and schools deliver their own special commitments.

Stetson University College of Arts and Sciences supports a traditional liberal learning environment with a curriculum that leads students to mastery of their subjects while developing and sharpening critical thinking skills.

In the College of Arts and Sciences, our faculty and staff want you to develop your potential. Success is measured by the extent you surprise yourself in your ability to exceed your expectations. Arts and Sciences is also known for its innovative curriculum in behavioral sciences, such as psychology and counseling, environmental science, and aquatic and marine biology.

Other examples include The Institute for Water and Environmental Resilience, which brings together policy and science of water management; and computer science, with its innovative process for teaching the practical aspects of cybersecurity and hacking, and its annual Central Florida Tech Faire + Hackathon.

The College of Arts and Sciences is in the planning stage for an expansion of science and collaborative space with the recent $18 million donation from two longtime Stetson supporters, Hyatt and Cici Brown. A partnership with AdventHealth University makes this move a significant one for health science students.

Stetson’s School of Business Administration is well-known for its high-impact programs in sales, entrepreneurship, finance and accounting/taxation. It is also known for its ELR, or Experiential Learning Requirement. All students in the School of Business Administration are required to participate in real-world experiences, either as an internship in their area of study, or a study abroad or study away (domestic) program. There are alternative opportunities through a community engagement program that tests students’ leadership abilities and skills in a collaborative environment.

Stetson’s School of Music is unique in Florida, if not the entire U.S., in that it is an undergraduate-only school that requires students to participate in performance opportunities (it’s in their handbook!). As an undergraduate-only program, students never have to take a back seat to graduate students in any public performance or learning experience. Undergraduate students leave Stetson with a full complement of performance roles in their area of study. The School of Music also is well-known for its vocal training programs in both operatic and choral, and its emphasis on performance and academics. Many of our students go on to graduate school to pursue a deeper understanding of their specific performance discipline. At Stetson, we don’t limit participation in music to only declared music students. We know the love of music crosses all disciplines, so we continue to encourage students from all of our schools and colleges to participate.

While the Stetson Promise is for undergraduate students, we should also note that our College of Law delivers a high caliber of commitment to the study of law in its J.D. and L.L.M. programs. The College of Law is ranked No. 1 in the nation by U.S. News and World Report in Advocacy and No. 3 in Legal Writing. The College of Law delivers its promise to prepare students for the practice of law by blending legal doctrine with practical training, and encouraging their participation in more than 400 clinics and externships they offer, as well as housing centers for Advocacy and Elder Law, and institutes for Biodiversity and Veterans Law.

Requirements and Obligations

Requirements and obligations for The Stetson Promise can be found here.


At Stetson University we offer more than 100 areas of study and we believe in cross-disciplinary fields of study. Take the time to explore the different majors and minors we offer, and you'll realize that many students leave Stetson with double majors or majors and minors from both the College of Arts and Sciences and Music or School of Business Administration1. It’s certainly not unheard of for students to graduate with a major in chemistry and minor in music.