The Stetson Promise

Requirements and Obligations

Advising Course Plans are built for each major to meet the university’s general education, major and electives requirements within the framework of two semesters per year for four years. Stetson is committed to supporting you even if you fall behind due to work, family or personal constraints by offering summer programs to help you catch up.
In order to support your ability to finish in four years, the university registrar works with each of the academic programs to develop, maintain and publish complete Advising Course Plans as part of the university’s online catalog. These plans are available to you at any time through the online catalog and are part of the advising process for all students entering Stetson University.

The plans should be considered a guide. It represents your interests as you start your education, but many students find their plans begin to change as they test their strengths and explore different academic directions. The Advising Course Plans and The Stetson Promise are designed to allow you to move in new directions without forcing you into an academic straightjacket. This is why academic and faculty advising may not always align with Advising Course Plans but, depending on direction, may be able to continue to move you toward your goal of graduating in four years. 

In order to be eligible for the benefits of the Stetson Promise, I understand I must satisfy the following terms:
  1. By my senior year I will have completed any requirements necessary to participate in one of the many opportunities to take classroom theory and put it to practice through an Experiential Learning Experience (ELE).
  2. As of Fall 2020, I will begin full-time college education at Stetson University and sign the Stetson Promise agreement either upon enrollment, by the end of the add/drop period, or following the selection of a major by the end of my first year if I am a Discovery student2.
  3. Meet with an academic adviser prior to registration each semester and if necessary, work with your adviser to move into a new Advising Course Plan. 
  4. Meet with designated faculty and staff as required to review my Advising Course Plan, and/or work with my adviser to move into a new Advising Course Plan.
  5. Successfully complete and maintain a course load of not less than 8 units (32 credit hours) per academic year (summer included) for all four years. Some majors at Stetson University may require me to take more than 4 units (16 credit hours) per semester, but that additional course load will be part of my academic advising and will allow me to graduate within four years.
  6. I will not drop or fail a class that jeopardizes the Advising Course Plan (for example, failing or dropping a class that cannot be repeated or substituted with an equivalent during the remaining semesters within the four-year time frame).
  7. Avoid academic or judicial sanctions that would delay graduation.
  8. Maintain satisfactory academic progress and GPA requirements for graduation as defined by the Stetson University catalog.
  9. Maintain satisfactory financial standing and meet my financial obligation to Stetson University.
  10. Follow the Advising Course Plan for graduation published by the department or available through advising, maintain that program’s academic progression and required competencies, and agree to be auto- or pre-registered as needed3.
  11. Meet with my adviser at least once a semester and register for classes designated through academic advising as part of the Stetson Promise agreement.
  12. Track my own progress through Degree Audit (the university's degree completion checklist) and use the Advising Course Plan for my major while actively seeking guidance from my designated academic adviser.
  13. If a required class for my major is unavailable and/or I am unable to access it, I will communicate immediately with my adviser to find viable substitutions or options that allow me to remain on my four-year degree track.
    • A course is considered "unavailable" if: 
      1. it has been cancelled.
      2. it conflicts with another required course for the major.
      3. it is full at the time of registration. 
    • When a course is deemed “unavailable” the college and/or school offering my major will either substitute a different course and/or allow for an independent study arrangement that generates an equivalent learning experience and the required academic credit;
    • If the college or school is unable to find an appropriate substitute, leaving me with unfilled requirements at the end of my four years, Stetson University will provide tuition support for up to one full semester for any remaining courses necessary for the completion of my designated degree.
  14. Submit my graduation application by the posted deadline.