M.F.A in Creative Writing

Creative Writing - Prose

ENCW 612Prose: Introductory Course11
ENCW 614Prose: Intermediate Course11
ENCW 616Prose: Advanced Course11 or 12
ENCW 618Prose: Final Project Course11 to 12
Total Credits44-46

Creative Writing - Poetry in an Expanded Field

ENCW 613Poetry in an Expanded Field: Introductory Course11
ENCW 615Poetry in an Expanded Field: Intermediate Course11 or 12
ENCW 617Poetry in an Expanded Field: Advanced Course11 to 12
ENCW 619Poetry in an Expanded Field: Final Project Course11 to 12
Total Credits44-47

Note: Any enrollment prior to January 2018 will have ENCW 618 or ENCW 619 reflected at 12 credit hours.