Student Conduct and Community Standards

Community Standards

In any society, large or small, there must be certain rules established to support the safety, rights, and freedom of all in the community. This is true of Stetson University, a community that acknowledges the existence of both rights and responsibilities and is dedicated to personal and academic excellence. Community members are individually and collectively responsible for their behavior and fully accountable for their actions.

Any student, professional staff, or faculty may submit to the Office of Community Standards a report about any student believed to be in violation of any University regulation concerned with personal behavior, academic honesty, traffic and security, or residence hall policy. Reports may be submitted at Students found in violation of the University’s established policies or Student Code of Community Standards face varying degrees of disciplinary and educational sanctions. Student Conduct procedures of the University are explained in detail in the Student Code of Community Standards. The Office of Community Standards administers the University’s student conduct proceedings. This office is located in the Carlton Union Building, room 207.

You can view the Student Code of Community Standards by going to

Student Organizations

Student organizations are also held to high standards of conduct.  You can view the complete manual on the guidelines and policies for registered student organizations by going to

Honor Council System

The Honor System Council, composed of students, administers the Honor System. Its primary tasks are to educate the campus community regarding issues of academic integrity and to serve as a peer hearing board in cases of alleged academic dishonesty.

For information on the undergraduate Honor System, please visit