Master of Jurisprudence (M.Jur.)

Stetson offers advanced degrees for non-lawyers who wish to obtain a greater understanding of legal systems and concepts in the areas of international business, elder law, and healthcare compliance.

Note: Admission to the M.Jur. programs does not guarantee admission to the J.D. program. Students who apply to the J.D. program after completing the M.Jur. may not transfer any M.Jur. courses or credits from that program to the M.Jur.

M.Jur. in International and Comparative Business Law

  • Inside of office with many people and skyscrapers in backgroundMeet the demand of today’s businesses and solve tomorrow’s legal business challenges.
  • Build a basic understanding of the legal system and how it impacts the successful operation of a business.
  • Learn to analyze, research, and communicate legal issues to business colleagues and your legal team.
  • Make better business decisions informed by your knowledge of the law.
  • In-demand areas of study such as legal compliance and contract law
  • GRE not required with appropriate work experience

M.Jur. in Aging, Law and Policy

  • elderly hands holding caneFour semester, 25-credit online program
  • In-demand areas of study such as disability law, gerontological healthcare, guardianship, taxes and estate planning, and and ethics in elder care
  • Courses taught by legal experts and leaders in the field of Aging Law and Policy
  • Access to Stetson's online library resources for Aging Law and Policy
  • GRE not required with appropriate work experience

M.Jur. in Healthcare Compliance

  • stethoscope on desk with notepadFour semester, 30-credit online program
  • Gain the experience and skills needed to assume a leadership role in healthcare and regulatory compliance.
  • Learn to assess and manage risk, analyze and solve compliance challenges, and effectively communicate legal issues.
  • Improve patient outcomes and experiences with your knowledge of compliance and healthcare law.
  • GRE not required with appropriate work experience