Campus Life and Student Success

Your college experience is full of excitement and challenge! Our goal at Stetson is to prepare you to be a lifelong learner ready to go into the job market or graduate school, having clarified your values and gained skills that will assist you in identifying and achieving your goals. Inside and outside the classroom, you will develop strength in critical competencies necessary to succeed in our complex and changing worlds, such as problem-solving, professionalism, teamwork, communication, digital literacy, leadership, and intercultural engagement.

Campus Life and Student Success (CLaSS) offers you resources, information and services to empower you to achieve success and significance at Stetson and beyond. The Campus Life and Student Success umbrella includes a set of offices: Residential Living and Learning, Diversity and Inclusion, Public Safety, Health Service, Student Development and Campus Vibrancy, Religious and Spiritual Life, Community Standards, Dining Services, Hatter1Card Services, Wellness and Recreation, Title IX, Student Counseling Services, and Community Engagement. Below is a list of ways you can engage with CLaSS.  


CLaSS promotes an inclusive campus climate in which students from all identity groups and backgrounds can feel a sense of belongingness and be their authentic selves. The Tri-C (Cross Cultural Center) is a fantastic gathering place for you and the organizations focused on inclusive excellence under the Multicultural Student Council. Your spiritual development is supported by three chaplains of different faith traditions and various educational and social interfaith programs. Differing abilities are an essential element of human diversity at Stetson and CLaSS works with you to facilitate accommodations and provide accessibility-related guidance. Gender-based misconduct is addressed through the Title IX process and outreach is conducted by CLaSS to raise awareness and provide education to eliminate sexual violence.


You have access to a tremendous amount of opportunities to engage with the members of the campus community and beyond. CLaSS promotes leadership through a series of programs, leadership roles, and learning opportunities and facilitates service within the community through connections with local non-profit organizations. Additionally, you may pursue the Certificate in Community Engagement in addition to your major. The Carlton Union Building (CUB) serves as the hub of student life, with the Student Lounge acting as the living room of campus and the Collaboratorium facilitating your coming together to work creatively with other students. Your residence halls also provide opportunities for you to connect through educational and social programming coordinated by the peer staff member RAs (Resident Assistants) who live in the residential communities. You may select to join from over 100 student organizations, including fraternities and sororities, as well as organizations based on academics, culture, faith, identity, and hobbies, or you can create your group. If you are interested in more physical activities, you can participate in intramural sports, join a club sport, and participate in outdoor recreational adventures.


The Hollis Center and Griffith Hall serve as the holistic wellness hub on the DeLand campus. Students receive quality healthcare in partnership with Florida Hospital to support their physical health and may participate in one-on-one and group counseling to support their mental health. Stetson’s counselors are experts in the experience of college students as well as overall mental health. Group exercise classes are offered in addition to your access to the fitness facilities. CLaSS provides a variety of learning opportunities for you, focusing on essential issues, including alcohol, drug use, sexual health, nutrition, and stress. The Commons, Hat Rack, and Coffee Shop are located nearby in the CUB, providing a variety of dining options for you and accommodating various dietary needs. You may also seek a medical withdrawal if you cannot complete the semester due to professionally documented medical concerns.

Navigating the college experience can pose different challenges for students. CLaSS is happy to assist you with any issues that may arise and will reach out to you if you have been repeatedly absent in class or are struggling academically to suggest a success coaching appointment or offer other appropriate assistance.

Public Safety

Public Safety works to ensure the safety of the entire campus community; they are on duty 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and 365 days a year. They also provide a full range of services, like routine patrol, parking enforcement, safety inspections, and after-hour escort services. Therefore, public Safety recommends that everyone at Stetson makes sure to have Public Safety’s phone number programmed in their phones: 386-822-7300.