Experiential and Career Development

Mission: To empower and challenge students and alumni to reach their professional aspirations

Vision: Every student achieves professional success

Students who enter the University without a declared major are part of the Discovery Program in  Academic Success. The Career and Professional Development office partners with Academic Success to ensure high-quality programs and services that enable students to assess their interests, values, skills, and strengths and how these connect to majors and careers. As part of the Discovery Program, students will craft their definitions of personal success and significance by taking ownership of educational and career goals.

Services and Resources for All Students

We offer various career-related services that fall into four categories: major and career guidance, internship preparation, job searching, and graduate/professional school.  Examples of our personalized services include individual appointments, personality assessments, career, and major exploration and decision-making, resume and cover letter reviews, interview practice, and critiques of grad school essays and applications.

To learn more about Career and Professional Development, please visit our website at http://www.stetson.edu/portal/career/ or email career@stetson.edu. To schedule an appointment, click here.