Accelerated Bachelor's to M.Acc.


  1. An undergraduate degree in any Stetson undergraduate major, meeting all requirements in General Education and for the major, and including successful completion of up to two of three select undergraduate courses for elective credit (grade of B or better).
  2. Satisfaction of the MAcc foundations and unconditional admission to Stetson’s Master of Accountancy program. The program requires 24 graduate credits, which students should plan to take over a minimum of one summer, a fall, and a spring semester.
Bachelor's Requirements
Two Courses From the Following2
Auditing I
Managerial Cost Accounting
Business Law I
All Other Bachelor Degree Requirements30
Total Units 132

Stetson University undergraduate courses are measured in units. Each unit is equivalent to four credits (or credit hours). Portions of units, such as ½ unit or ¼ unit, are similarly equivalent to two and one credits, respectively.

  • 32 units equals 128 credit hours.
MAcc Requirements
Core Accounting Coursework4
Cases in Financial Accounting and Reporting
Advanced Accounting Theory
Governmental and Not-For-Profit Accounting
Advanced Auditing
Analytics Requirement1
Business Law Requirement1
Graduate Business or MAcc Electives4
Total Units10
Combined Bachelor's and MAcc Credits152