Master of Public Administration

American University

Admission to the MPA Program at American University will be guaranteed to Stetson University graduates who meet the following requirements: Overall GPA of 3.0; three letters of recommendation detailing the student’s ability to do graduate level work; an essay (1 to 2 pages preferred) describing in detail the student’s educational and career objectives. Students seeking financial aid should also submit GRE scores no later than February 1 for fall admissions. The MPA program does not accept other professional test scores as a substitute for the GREs. For further information contact Dr. David Hill, Department of Political Science.

Application should be made in the fall of the year before the student plans to start his/her studies, by submitting a letter to American University Department of Public Administration stating an intention to apply under the Stetson-American University MPA linkage agreement. With the letter include the American University graduate application form, the essay, and a note that the letters of recommendation, GRE scores, and an official transcript are being sent under separate cover.