Immunization Record/Insurance Policy

Prior to registration, all undergraduate students must complete a health history form including documentation of immunizations for measles, mumps and rubella. Florida law requires that all students living in campus housing must have had the Hepatitis B and Meningitis vaccines or sign a waiver stating that they have read the information provided and choose to decline these vaccinations.

All students enrolled at Stetson University are expected to have adequate health insurance to cover them while attending the University. If you are already insured under your parent’s plan or another health plan, please check with your insurance company or agent to make sure that your current plan will provide you with coverage in the Stetson/Central Florida area. Some plans are only applicable in the state in which you reside. If you do not already have coverage to use when you begin attending Stetson University, please check our Student Insurance website or the National Healthcare Marketplace to find out what insurance plan options are available to you. The websites for these options are:

Student Insurance: (or see Stetson website under "Insurance, Student" in the A-Z Search)

National Health Insurance Marketplace:

International Students: Please see Insurance requirements under the International Students section of this Catalog.