Religious Observation Policy

At Stetson, individual faculty members establish attendance policies to support academic excellence in their courses. Stetson also supports participation in and observance of religious and spiritual practices and endeavors to make reasonable accommodation to make such participation possible. The impact on academic excellence is always the central concern of any accommodation. Students who must miss classes for religious observances are expected to discuss these absences with the instructor in advance.

Policy for Requesting Accommodation of Absences for Religious Spiritual Reasons

Students are permitted by Stetson University policy to be absent from class to observe an established religious/spiritual holiday or observance. This policy reflects the University’s commitment to supporting our inclusive community and the fullest development of our students, including their understanding of religious or spiritual beliefs and practice. Accordingly, the University has established procedures to be followed by students for notifying their instructors of an absence necessitated by the observance of a religious holiday.

Students who must miss classes to observe a specified religious/spiritual holiday or observance are expected to make prior arrangements with their instructors. Typically, this will mean an agreement to complete work in advance or soon after the absence.

Given the time limitations for completing end-of-semester assignments or making up missed final examinations, this procedure cannot be used during the final exam period. All students are expected to take final examinations at the scheduled times and to complete end-of-semester work by the deadlines set by the instructor.