Business Law

Minor in Business Law - 4 Units

Any Stetson student can choose to pursue the Business Law minor.

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Required Courses
BLAW 407Business Law I1
BLAW 408Business Law II1
BLAW 409Business Law III1
Elective Courses
Choose ONE of the following approved electives. Elective chosen may not be used to fulfill a core requirement and a Business Law Minor simultaneously. In addition, the elective course chosen may not be used to fulfill a student’s major and Business Law minor simultaneously1
Principles of Insurance and Risk Management
Introduction to Logic
Sociology of Law
Law and Society
The American Judicial Process
Total Units4

BLAW 407. Business Law I. 1 Unit.

A first course in business law with an emphasis on the areas of contracts, sales, agency, and real property. Prerequisite: Junior Standing.

BLAW 408. Business Law II. 1 Unit.

A second course in business law with an emphasis on the law for corporations, partnerships, commercial paper, personal property, insurance, bankruptcy, and government regulations. Prerequisite: Junior Standing.

BLAW 409. Business Law III. 1 Unit.

This course is the third course in business law. The course will be modeled after law school seminar courses. Students will refine skills, including legal research, case analysis, and ability to work independently and in groups. Current business law topics will be addressed. This course, though not limited to, is intended to benefit pre-law students. Prerequisites: BLAW 407 or BLAW 408 or permission of instructor.