Bachelor Of Arts - Music

The Bachelor of Arts degree with a major in music is a liberal arts degree offered jointly by the College of Arts and Sciences and the School of Music. The degree is designed for those students who have an equal interest both in music and in the traditional Arts and Sciences curriculum.  Fifty percent of the courses in the BA Music curriculum are taken in music; the other fifty percent are taken in classes in the Arts and Sciences or Business. Dr. Janis Kindred, School of Music, advises students on the requirements in the School of Music. Questions about the required course work in the College may be directed to Associate Dean George Glander.

General Education Requirements (9 units)

The General Education requirements are divided into three categories: Foundations (3 units), Knowledge of Human Culture and the Natural World (5 units), and Personal and Social Responsibility (1 unit). For most of the requirements you will have a selection of courses to choose from, so that you may satisfy the requirements with courses that appeal to your interests. For a more complete description, see the General Education section in the College of Arts and Sciences section of this Catalog.

Cultural Events/Campus Engagement

As a student engaged in Music as well as the Arts and Sciences, you will join Stetson's intellectual and creative life outside the classroom by completing four semesters of the recital requirements outlined in the School of Music student handbook. Each of those four semesters' requirements would include all Thursday afternoon student recitals (all students are allowed to miss up to three per semester), twelve evening recitals, and two non-music cultural events.

Courses to be taken in the College of Arts and Sciences - General Education Requirements
The student must complete the General Education Requirements of the College of Arts and Sciences.9
Courses to be taken in the School of Music - Stetson Music Core
Theory/keyboard bundle:4
Theory I
Music Theory II
Theory III
Theory IV
Functional Keyboard: 1
Functional Keyboard I
Functional Keyboard II
Functional Keyboard III
Functional Keyboard IV
Music History:1
Music History I
Music History II
Aural Training:2
Aural Training I
Aural Training II
Aural Training III
Aural Training IV
Lower-division lessons:2
Primary Lower-Division Lessons for Music Majors
Music Culture:.5
Music Culture
Career Skills.5
Career Skills for the Entrepreneurial Musician
Additional Music Requirements
Upper-division lessons/Music Experience Bundle2
Primary Upper-Division Lessons for Music Majors (four semesters)
Senior Recital (25-min)
Six ensembles 21.5
Music Elective 31
MUSC 498Senior Research Proposal0.5 or 1
MUSC 499Senior Research Project1
Other Requirements
Sophomore Decision
Oral Communication Competency
Total Units32-32.5

Functional Keyboard as required.


Satisfied by Orchestra, Band, Concert Choir, Women's Chorale, Stetson Men, or Jazz Band.


Choose any 1-unit MUSC course 300-level or higher or any 1-unit MUSC course with an 'A' designation.