Major/Minor Declaration Policy

Declaring and Changing a Major or Minor

A student who wishes to declare or change a major or minor should first consult with his/her academic advisor. The change may then be made in the office of the appropriate academic Dean. Students must meet the degree requirements in effect at the time the change is made.

In cases when the change of major involves a change of College/Schools, additional steps are required. Students who are in good academic standing (GPA of 2.0 or better) must present a request for approval. To develop this request, students should consult with their academic advisors and the Deans of both the current and requested School/College; this process will ensure that the student clearly understands how the change will affect the transfer of credits, additional or new requirements, and other curricular implications. Requests for changes of major that involve a change of Schools/College are addressed to the current academic Dean by filling out the appropriate form, available at the appropriate Dean’s office.

Students who do not meet the minimum GPA criterion for a change of major that involves transferring to a new School or College must consult with the Dean of the intended College or School. The Dean and faculty advisors will help to map out a plan that can allow the student to return to good standing academically while also exploring the possibilities of the new major. Upon successful completion of the plan, the student will be admitted as a new major to the School or College.

Declaring a Double Major or Dual Degree

Students with two majors in the same degree but with different fields of study (e.g. BA in two different fields) are pursuing a double major. Students with two majors in separate degrees (BBA, BA, BS, BM, BME) are pursuing a dual degree.

Students wishing to work toward a double major or dual degree are expected to fulfill the requirements for each major. Students should be aware that earning the credits required to complete both sets of requirements may require additional expense and time. Students should consult with academic advisors familiar with both majors before formally requesting a double major or dual degree. Where major requirements such as the senior project may be sufficiently similar, students may seek accommodation to register for and complete a single senior project that includes work appropriate for both major fields and meets the requirement for both majors. Chairs of the departments for both majors must approve any such accommodation.