Admissions and Financial Assistance

Admission to Music Degree Programs

In order to be admitted to the Stetson University School of Music, students must:

  • successfully complete an audition/interview before a faculty committee and
  • meet the general admissions standards for the University as outlined in the University Catalog. Although a live audition of prepared repertoire is preferred, a recording of such may be submitted.  A live, synchronous skills test or interview is also required in person or via electronic means.  The purpose of the audition/interview is to determine the applicant’s potential for successful completion of a degree program in music.

Transfer Students: Transfer students must successfully complete an audition/interview before a faculty committee and meet the general admissions standards for the University as outlined in the University Catalog. Credits transferred from other colleges and universities are reviewed and assigned by the Dean of the School of Music and the University Registrar’s office. Transfer students’ applied music levels are verified by the audition committee, and these students must take diagnostic examinations in music theory, aural skills and keyboard. Transfer credits in these areas are then determined after completion of the tests.

Once the prospective student has applied to and been accepted by Stetson University and has thereafter completed an audition, the Admissions Office or the Music Recruiter will communicate the admissions decision and begin the work of determining financial aid packages.

Music Major Only: If the applicant is denied admission to the University but the audition has revealed truly exceptional musical talent and the student shows a strong likelihood of success in music, the Dean of the School of Music may recommend that the student be given special consideration. Admission to the University may be granted with the stipulation that the student major in a degree in the School of Music. If at a later time, the student wishes to change to a major outside the School of Music, satisfactory academic achievement at the University must be in evidence. A grade of C or better is required in at least one course from each of the following three areas: Writing; Quantitative Reasoning; and Personal, Social, and Environmental Responsibility course.

Financial Assistance

Applications for financial aid are made through the Office of Student Financial Assistance. Financial assistance is available to music students at Stetson University in two basic categories:

Talent-Based Awards

Music grants and scholarships are awarded to students based on their talent as exhibited by an audition. The number of awards available in any specific area is dependent upon the special needs of the School of Music to maintain a balanced program. Students have specific performance responsibilities, which must be maintained in order to continue to receive the award. Additionally, appropriate academic progress (generally indicated by maintaining a GPA of 2.00 or higher and passing the sophomore decision on time) is required to maintain the full amount of a talent award. The Dean and Assistant Dean review the work of the students each year and make recommendations for renewal. Each student receives and signs a scholarship agreement form, either in print or by electronic signature, which indicates that student’s particular scholarship obligations.

Need-Based Aid

Students are encouraged to apply for funds which are available on the basis of demonstrated financial need of the family. Applications needed for these funds include the FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) and the CSS Profile, which must be made through the Office of Student Financial Assistance. Funds may take the form of grants, loans, or work study within the University. Students receiving work study funds are assigned a specific number of hours to work in the University each week. Each student who qualifies for student employment of any type at Stetson should contact the student employment manager in the School of Music, to assist with establishing a position in the school.

Students are able to apply and be eligible for both Talent-Based Awards and Need-Based Aid within the same Financial Aid Packet. If you have any further questions, please contact the Office of Student Financial Assistance at or at 386-822-7120.

Outside Employment

Music students often have opportunities to perform off-campus. While these opportunities are valuable educational experiences, it is also important to ensure that students fulfill their primary responsibilities at Stetson University. Applied study, ensemble performances and rehearsals, and classroom responsibilities should be the first concern of music students.