Course Policies - Functional Keyboard, Aural Training, Music Technology

Functional Keyboard Policies

Students in all music degrees take functional keyboard, a class designed to help students develop keyboard skills necessary to perform tasks required of musicians in any of the careers they may pursue. Students will be placed into one of three sequences, determined by their keyboard facility at the time they entered Stetson. The first is a two-semester course, the second is a three-semester course, and the third is a four-semester course. Students must enroll in Functional Keyboard every semester until they have completed the required sequence.

Aural Training Policies

Students must be enrolled in an aural training course until they have completed MUSC 274.  On the recommendation of the aural training faculty, a student failing any aural training course will:

  • Drop the aural training course prior to the date referred to as the “last day to drop course without academic penalty,” and
  • Enroll in MUSC 170: Aural Training Review – but continue to attend the aural training class they have been attending that semester, though they will be excused from certain exams. In the next available semester, the student re-enrolls in the class they had been failing.  Students must post a passing grade for all four aural training courses in order through the four-course sequence.  MUSC 170 serves as a vehicle to keep a student enrolled in aural training while they prepare to re-take courses and post passing grades in sequence order.  

Technology for Musicians Exemption Requirement

MUSC 259 Technology for Musicians is a course that introduces students to a variety of intersections between technology and music-making. In rare cases, a student may have sufficient prior experience to warrant an exemption from the course. Students should first consult their academic advisor to inquire about the likelihood of receiving such an exemption.

In order to receive an exemption for MUSC 259, a student must submit an electronic portfolio to the appropriate faculty for review.  In order to receive an exemption for the upcoming semester, students must submit their portfolio before the first day of registration for that semester.

The student’s portfolio must contain all of the following items to be considered complete:

  • One page musical score prepared by the student for at least 6 distinct instruments (i.e. cannot be all one type) in PDF.
  • One page musical score prepared by the student for SATB with lyrics in PDF.
  • Three to five minute mastered stereo recording of the same student performance saved in both WAV and MP3 formats.
  • Five (or more) minute original audiovisual presentation on a musical topic created using Powerpoint, Keynote or equivalent software. The presentation must incorporate images and excerpts of musical recordings, include an audio voiceover by the student and be saved in a QuickTime compatible format.

Music Fees

Music majors and minors are not charged additional fees for applied lessons required for their degrees. Students enrolled in instrumental techniques classes are charged a $15.00 instrument rental fee.