Ensemble Policies

The School of Music offers opportunities for experience in a wide variety of ensembles. All full-time music majors are required to enroll in an ensemble each semester (except intern or study abroad semester). Students with scholarship awards may be assigned participation in ensembles beyond the minimum required to graduate. See the catalog for the specific ensemble requirements for your degree. The primary ensemble directors (Band, Choir, Orchestra), in consultation with the deans, determine appropriate workloads for those receiving music scholarships. Some ensembles may require an audition or permission of instructor to enroll. Students should contact individual directors for details.

Large Ensembles

  • Choral Union
  • Concert Choir
  • Jazz Ensemble
  • Symphony Orchestra
  • Stetson Chorale
  • Stetson Hatter Choir
  • Stetson Opera Theatre
  • University Symphonic Band
  • University Concert Band

Small Ensembles

Small ensembles include conducted groups such as Brass Ensembles, Clarinet Choir, Flute Choir, Chamber Orchestra, Horn Ensemble, and Guitar Ensemble. These experiences may be viewed or structured by faculty ensemble directors as extensions of other studio work.

Chamber Music (MUSE 331)

A chamber music ensemble is a small, non-conducted student ensemble typically with three or more participants. Students approach the faculty and deans for approval of a duo/duet for MUSE 331. Ideally, an ensemble works together through a full academic year, but a full semester’s work is the minimum.

Part of the experience in MUSE 331 is that of the students forming their own ensembles. The chamber music coordinator and other faculty are available for consultation, but students are encouraged to form their own ensembles, think in an entrepreneurial way, and get them approved with the chamber music coordinator. Students should form these ensembles many weeks before the actual semester starts so they can secure the needed peers, and so the faculty can plan time for weekly coaching sessions. Students bear the primary responsibility in obtaining a faculty member to coach them. A weekly schedule must be established and overseen by the faculty member. All university registration policies apply to MUSE 331, which include drop/add deadlines, and hourly workload requirements.  

Each group enrolled in MUSE 331 is required to perform a chamber jury at the end of the semester. All ensembles perform off-campus at least once during the semester. Since performances include talking to audiences about the music being performed, all students signed up for Chamber Music must hand in outlines prior to their performances and do a run-through for their coach. Students enrolled in MUSE 331 will not perform on a Thursday student recital to fulfill the performing requirement.

Extra-Curricular Ensembles

Students are free to form extra-curricular ensembles if rehearsals and performances do not conflict with curricular activities. Limited and responsible use of Music School facilities is available to such groups where such a conflict does not exist. In no case are the rehearsal halls (Tinsley Hall - Presser or Feasel Hall - McMahan) to be used for rehearsals of extra-curricular ensembles without permission from the Music Office.