Attendance - Recitals, Concerts, and Cultural Events

All full-time music majors are required to attend 15 recitals/concerts each semester as explained here: a minimum of 6 of the 15 must be Thursday student recitals, a minimum of 6 of the 15 must be School of Music concerts/recitals other than the Thursday student recital, and the remaining 3 of the 15 are at the student’s discretion, as long as they are either Thursday student recitals or other School of Music concerts/recitals where attendance is taken. No concerts/recitals in which a student is a performer at any point may count toward the 15 required concerts/recitals, including those where multiple ensembles perform. All music majors should register for MUSC 100 each semester, and those who fail to do so will automatically be enrolled in MUSC 100. This class carries a zero credit load and its designation is Pass/Fail. 15 recitals/concerts (or more) is the only number that produces a passing grade. An F can adversely affect graduate school applications and employment opportunities upon graduation, therefore students are encouraged to adhere to this policy.

Optional Studio Requirement Introduced on Studio Teacher syllabi: Studio teachers may specify up to seven of the 15 music events a student is to attend in a semester. Studio teachers will list the required recitals/concerts in the Studio Syllabus, which will be given to the student by the end of the first week of classes.

Students are encouraged to constantly monitor their concert and recital attendance and to consult with the concert hall manager if there are questions.

If a student cannot attend Thursday recitals because of an official university class, it is possible to request a modification through the office of the Assistant Dean for Student Affairs. The student fills out and signs the Recital Exemption Request Form and gives it to the Assistant Dean to sign.  The form will include the number of non-Thursday recitals/concerts required of that particular student.  The exemption is not a waiver of all requirements as students will still have to attend a certain number of concerts/recitals.  The student is still enrolled in MUSC 100.

Music majors (BM, BME) are not required to attend cultural credit events as the College of Arts and Sciences students and School of Business Administration students are. Students in the BA Music program have several options. They will elect to do the 24 cultural credit events during their time at Stetson, or they will elect to enroll in and pass a given number of semesters of MUSC 100, or they will elect to combine the two in a way that satisfies the 24 cultural credit events. BA Music students typically receive 6 cultural credits for each semester they pass MUSC 100. (Example: Student enrolls in and passes two semesters of MUSC 100 and thereby clears 12 cultural credit events, and then the student attends 12 additional cultural credit events, making the total 24. There are other possible combinations of these policies to produce the 24 necessary to graduate).