Course Syllabus Policy

Students will be provided with a syllabus on the first day of class, summarizing basic information about the course. This syllabus may take a variety of forms but must include the following information:

  1. Course goals, objectives, and requirements as they relate to the goals of the academic program (major, minor, or General Education).
  2. Methods of instruction to be used
  3. Required and recommended texts, software, and other materials. It is generally assumed that students have access to email, a word processor, presentation software, spreadsheet software, a Canvas-compatible web browser, and PDF reader. Hybrid and online courses should list any meeting software platforms that will be required outside of the Canvas platform.
  4. Plan for how learning will be assessed, including a grading scale
  5. Attendance policy
  6. Instructor's office hours and methods of contact (e.g., email and office telephone)
  7. Final examination requirement
  8. Statement of Stetson’s Academic Integrity policy (Honor Code)
  9. Possible recording of class: The course instructor may arrange for audio or video recording of all or part of a class and make it available to students enrolled in this class this semester. These recordings are intended to facilitate studying and notetaking and are not authorized for sharing with anyone who is not enrolled in this class this semester without written consent of the instructor.
  10. Accommodations Statement: The ADA/504 Compliance Coordinator provides example statements for inclusion in course syllabi for faculty on the Academic Success Resources for Faculty Syllabi Statement webpage.