Course Syllabus Policy

Students will be provided with a syllabus on the first day of class, summarizing basic information about the course. This syllabus may take a variety of forms but must include the following information:

  1. Course goals, objectives, and requirements as they relate to the goals of the academic program (major, minor, or General Education).
  2. Methods of instruction to be used
  3. Plan for how learning will be assessed, including a grading scale
  4. Attendance policy
  5. Instructor's office hours and methods of contact (e.g., email and office telephone)
  6. Final examination requirement
  7. Statement of Stetson’s Academic Integrity policy (Honor Code)
  8. Accommodations Statement: If a student anticipates barriers related to the format or requirements of a course, they should meet with the course instructor to discuss ways to ensure full participation. If disability-related accommodations are necessary, students must register with Academic Success through the Accessibility Services Center located at 209 E. Bert Fish Dr. (386-822-7127; and notify the course instructor of their eligibility for reasonable accommodations. The student, course instructor and Academic Success will plan how best to coordinate accommodations.