Global Development

Global Development is an interdisciplinary major program that investigates the causes, consequences, and the possible solutions to underdevelopment and poverty that is evident in the developing countries of the world. It employs an integrated set of theoretical perspectives from Economics, Political Science, Sociology and Anthropology, and other disciplines to study the underpinnings of global development and sustainability. A major in Global Development prepares impassioned and innovative students to transcend national boundaries in tackling the complex issues of a globalizing economy and thereby become game-changers in global development. They consider a variety of local perspectives to understand development within socio-economic and political contexts, and wrestle with questions on how to make development work. Their aim is to create opportunity for future generations to increase their well-being without harm to others and the planet. These resolute students typically work in the context of the developing world, either on-site or through their analytical lenses.

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Major in Global Development

Minor in Global Development - 5 Units

ECON 201HFoundations of Globalization1
or INSU 201H Foundations of Globalization
POLI 145SPolitics of the Developing World1
ECON 104SFoundations of Economics I1
ECON 113SEssentials of Economics II1
ECON 346Development Economics1
ECON 380Department Colloquium0.0
Total Units5

Advising Course Plans - Global Development

The program's interdisciplinary nature draws on faculty from across the university. The program director is:

Green, Alan
Assistant Professor of Economics, 2013
B.A., M.A., Ph.D.