Social Science

This interdisciplinary major encourages students to examine a wide range of human experiences through the theories and methodologies of the social sciences. These disciplines seek to understand the structure, culture, and functioning of modern society, as well as changes that have occurred through historical, social, cultural, economic, political, and environmental processes. Courses that can be used towards the social science major are offered by the Departments of Economics, History, Political Science, Psychology, and Sociology and Anthropology, as well as by social science courses in the Department of Environmental Science and Studies and in the American Studies Program. (With prior approval, select offerings in other departments and programs may also be included.) The major comprises 7 units in one discipline (the primary area of concentration, or primary discipline) and 4 units in a second discipline (the secondary area of concentration, or secondary discipline). Social science majors must complete the senior project in their primary discipline; hence, they must satisfy the collateral requirements and prerequisites of the senior project course in their primary discipline, with any exception to be determined by the department chair of the primary area. Additionally, students must complete two General Education social science courses and/or elective social science courses in two different social science disciplines, both of which must be outside the primary and secondary areas of concentration. Students cannot double major or minor in either their primary or secondary area of concentration for the social science major.  Finally, majors must complete all of the College of Arts and Sciences’ General Education requirements.

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Social Science Majors