Course Load Policy

Stetson University undergraduates typically carry a semester course load of 4 units (16 credits) and no more than 4.5 units (18 credits). A course overload may be granted in cases where an academically strong student has a unique or unusual opportunity that is unavailable in another semester. After consultation with the academic advisor and the department chair, requests for course overloads should be made to the student’s academic Dean. Students in the School of Music may carry 4.75 units (19 credits) without administrative or advisory approval once 7.5 units (30 credits) have been earned.

Summer Course Load

  • Undergraduate students may take up to 2 units at a time.
  • The maximum undergraduate student course load for the entire summer is 3 units.
  • A student desiring to transfer in more than 10 credits of summer school credit toward a degree at Stetson University in any year must have advance permission from the appropriate academic Dean.