Advising Course Plan - Biology Major - Medical School Interest - Plan for Transfer Students

This plan indicates an effective way for students who transferred into Stetson as a Biology major with 2 years of course credit and are interested in MD or DO programs to earn a Bachelor of Science degree in 2 years.  It is assumed that students transfer credit for BIOL 141P and BIOL 142P, CHEM 141P and CHEM 142P, MATH 130 or MATH 141Q, and most general education courses.

First Year
BIOL 243QBiostatistics1
Junior Seminar11
CHEM 201Organic Chemistry I1
PHYS 121PCollege Physics I1
PRHP 101Introduction to the Health Professions0.0
 Term Units4
BIOL 244Introductory Biology III: Ecology and Evolution1
BIOL 497Research Proposal0.5
CHEM 301Organic Chemistry II1
PHYS 122PCollege Physics II1
PSYC 101SIntroduction to Psychology1
PRHP 102Applying to Health Professions0.0
 Term Units4.5
Second Year
BIOL 300 or 400 level course1
BIOL 300 or 400 level course1
BIOL 498Senior Project I1
SOCI 101SUnderstanding Society: An Introduction to Sociology1
 Term Units4
BIOL 300 or 400 level course1
BIOL 300 or 400 level course1
BIOL 499Senior Project II1
CHEM 204Biochemistry I1
 Term Units4
Total Unit: 16.5

On this plan it would be best to take the MCAT after year 2 at Stetson. If it is important to the student not to have a year between Stetson and graduate school, the MCAT needs to be taken between years 1 and 2. To be successful on the MCAT the Sociology and Biochemistry that is covered on that exam will need to be studied without taking those courses (CHEM 204 can be taken concurrently with CHEM 301). 


The Junior Seminar can be taken in the spring instead of the fall.