Global Development

Student learning outcomes describe what students know, understand and are able to do as a result of completing a degree program. The learning outcomes for this program are:

  1. Demonstrate broad knowledge from an interdisciplinary perspective of the level of development throughout the world today and historically
  2. Explain the key theoretical and empirical approaches to development and underdevelopment
  3. Synthesize appropriate data from multiple sources to explain the barriers to, and the successes of, development in particular countries and regions
  4. Conceive, design and execute original research and present it orally and in writing in a professional manner
  5. Critically evaluate key arguments in professional, public, and advocacy literature and setting

Major in Global Development

Minor in Global Development - 5 Units

ECON 201HFoundations of Globalization1
or INSU 201H Foundations of Globalization
POLI 145SPolitics of the Developing World1
ECON 104SFoundations of Economics I1
ECON 204SFoundations of Economics II1
ECON 346Development Economics1
ECON 380Department Colloquium0.0
Total Units5

Advising Course Plans - Global Development

Global Development Major

Plans for Transfer Students and Students Changing Their Major

Global Development Major


The program's interdisciplinary nature draws on faculty from across the university. The program director is:

Green, Alan
Assistant Professor of Economics, 2013
BA, Furman University
MA, University of Chicago
PhD, Cornell University