Data Analytics

The minor in Data Analytics is open to all Stetson undergraduate students and complements numerous existing majors.  There is burgeoning demand in industry, government, and education for people with data analysis skills, and the minor in Data Analytics will prepare students for entry-level jobs in fields that apply Data Analytics and for graduate work in disciplines that utilize Data Analytics.  A distinctive feature of Stetson’s minor in Data Analytics is that all courses offered in the core will address the ethical use of data. The minor offers flexibility in the selected course pathways to completion and consists of six courses divided into a foundation, a core, and a domain emphasis.

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Minor in Data Analytics - 6 Units

Foundation Courses
Choose 1 unit from the following:1
Introduction to Computing
Introduction to Computer Science I
Introduction to Computer Science II
Data Science I
Choose 1 unit from the following:1
Business Statistics
Introduction to Mathematical and Statistical Modeling
Mathematical Statistics
Core Courses
Choose 1 unit from the following:1
Databases and Big Data
Database Systems
Choose 2 units from the following: 12
Project Management
Descriptive Analytics and Visualization
Business Process Management
Predictive Analytics
Social Media Analytics
Business Analysis
Big Data Mining and Analytics
One approved 400-level course in a relevant domain in Public Health, Economics, Business Systems and Analytics, Computer Science, Mathematics, Chemistry, Sociology, Political Science, or Finance1
Total Units6

 Prerequisite: Completion of Foundation Courses and either BSAN 398 or CINF 201.