Bachelor of Science in Public Health

Major in Public Health — Major Requirements - 14 units

Note for students who are double-majoring:  The maximum number of units (courses) that can be counted towards a major in PUBH and fulfilling another major is 3 units.

General Education Requirements
The student must complete the General Education Requirements of the College of Arts & Sciences.9
Major Requirements
Scientific Foundation
BIOL 141PIntroductory Biology: Biochemistry, Cell Biology and Molecular Genetics1
BIOL 142PIntroductory Biology: Animal and Plant Physiology1
Public Health Core
PUBH 140VIntroduction to Public Health1
PUBH 284Foundations of Epidemiology1
PUBH 301Foundations of Environmental Health Science1
PUBH 303Global Health1
PHIL 316VBio-Medical Ethics1
BIOL 243QBiostatistics1
or ENSS 345Q Statistics for Environmental Professionals
or PSYC 306Q Behavioral Statistics
PUBH 498Senior Research Proposal1
PUBH 499Senior Project1
Language Requirement
Proficiency in a foreign language at or above 202L1
Natural Science Elective
Choose one unit from the following list:1
Microbiology *
Genetics *
Cell Biology *
Organic Chemistry I *
Biochemistry I *
Organic Chemistry II *
Nucleic Acid Structure, Function, and Metabolism
Introduction to Maps and Geographic Information Systems *
Growing Food in Cities
Anatomy & Physiology I *
Anatomy and Physiology II *
Introduction to Nutrition Science
Virology of Spillover
Social Science Elective
Choose two units from the following list:2
Health Communication
Health Economics (Junior Seminar)
American Health Care Policy
Politics, Policy, and Public Health (Junior Seminar)
Drugs, Mind and Behavior
Health Psychology
Planning for Healthy Cities
Medicine and Health in Society
Examining a Pandemic: An Interdisciplinary Approach to Tuberculosis
General Electives9
Total Units32

Course has a lab requirement.