Jewish Studies

  1. Demonstrate a working knowledge of key events, themes, and turning points in Jewish history, culture, religion, and geography. 
  2. Demonstrate a basic understanding of Jewish ethnocultural, religious, and socio-political diversity across Israel, Europe, and the United States. 
  3. Demonstrate awareness of interdisciplinary approaches to Jewish Studies drawn from multiple scholarly disciplines and fields. 

Minor in Jewish Studies - 5 Units

Minor Requirements
JWST 200BIntroduction to Jewish Studies: Cultures, Histories, Texts1
Minor Electives
Four electives. No more than two electives, per below, can be taken in the same Division (SOC for Social Sciences, HUM for Humanities) and no more than two electives can be taken in the same geographic area (NSA for North and South America; CEE for Central and Eastern Europe; and AMEA for North Africa, Middle East, and Asia). Normally courses in the Business School count as Social Science and courses in the Music School as Humanities. With the understanding that some courses within the Social Science Division might deal centrally with themes of Religion and Culture and some courses offered in the Humanities might deal with History, Politics, and Society the Program Director, in consultation with the Program Committee, reserves the right to substitute such courses when appropriate (the same holds for courses in the School of Business or Music School that might be appropriate to the Social Sciences or the Humanities).4
Introduction to Comics Studies (HUM, NSA, CEE)
Comics of Disaster (HUM, NSA)
Music and Social Injustice (HUM, NSA; Junior Seminar)
Modern German Culture (in English) (HUM, CEE)
Contemporary German Cinema (HUM, CEE)
The Ancient Near East (SOC, CEE)
The History of Modern Germany, 1770-Present (SOC, CEE)
The Russian Empire (SOC, CEE)
The Soviet Century (SOC, CEE)
Eastern Europe, 1700s-2000s (SOC, CEE)
Immigration, Race and Ethnicity in American History: 1600 to Present (SOC, NSA)
The Ottomans: From Marsh Warriors to Empire (SOC, CEE, AMEA)
The Modern Middle East (SOC, AMEA)
Crusades: Faith and Politics in the Middle East (SOC, AMEA)
The French Revolution, 1770-1815: The Enlightenment, Terror, and Napoleon (SOC, CEE)
Nazi Germany: History, Politics, and Culture (SOC, CEE)
World War II: A Global History (SOC, NSA,AMEA, CEE)
The Holocaust
Crossroads of Empire
Jazz and 20th Century American Music (HUM, NSA)
Philosophy of Religion (HUM, AMEA)
Ethnicity and Politics (SOC, CEE, AMEA)
Central Asia: Politics and Society in the Russian, Chinese, and Middle Eastern Borderlands (SOC, CEE, AMEA)
Empire, Culture, Power: An Introduction to Russian, East European and Eurasian Studies (HUM, SOC, CEE, AMEA)
20th Century Russian Literature in English
Russian and Soviet Film (HUM, CEE)
Introduction to Biblical Literature (HUM, MEA)
Introduction to Judaism (HUM, AMEA, CEE, NSA)
Sacred Traditions of the World (HUM, AMEA)
Elementary Biblical Hebrew (HUM, AMEA)
Readings in Biblical Hebrew (HUM, AMEA)
The Bible and Ethics (HUM, AMEA)
The World of the Bible I: The Middle East (HUM, AMEA)
The World of the Bible II: The Mediterranean World (HUM, AMEA)
Moral Reflections on the Holocaust (HUM, AMEA, NSA, CEE)
The American Jewish Experience (HUM, NSA)
Hebrew Festival Scrolls (HUM, AMEA)
The Dead Sea Scrolls (HUM, AMEA)
Prophets of Social Justice (HUM, AMEA)
Envisioning the Psalms (HUM, AMEA)
Alternative Scriptures: Jewish and Christian Noncanonical Texts (HUM, AMEA)
Race, Ethnicity, and Immigration (SOC, NSA)
The Comedienne: Female Comics (HUM, NSA; Junior Seminar)
Additional Requirements
In order to complete the minor every student must produce a single research paper (or project) on a Jewish Studies topic related to one or more program learning outcomes (minimum 2,500 words). This paper or project may be completed as part of the regular coursework in any of the four electives, provided that it is approved in advance by the Program Director, which is the student's responsibility. It is also the student's responsibility to submit this paper or project to the Program Director as soon as it is graded to ensure it fulfills the requirement.
Total Units5

JWST 200B. Introduction to Jewish Studies: Cultures, Histories, Texts. 1 Unit.

Provides an interdisciplinary introduction to Jewish history and culture from its foundations to the modern world. The class focuses on major themes such as the development of Jewish monotheism in the ancient world; Jewish diaspora, persecutions and interactions with the Christian and Islamic worlds in the medieval and early modern period; Jewish emancipation, modern anti-Semitism and Zionism between the Enlightenment and First World War; and the causes and consequences of the Holocaust and the foundation of Israel as well as the impact of those events on contemporary Jewish culture, politics, and memory in the 21st century.