Course Exclusion Policy

A student may elect to have one course grade and the credit earned in that course -- or, the course credit attempted, in the case of course failure -- to be excluded from credit toward graduation and from the grade point average (GPA) calculations (cumulative and major, as applicable). An excluded course, with the grade earned, will remain on the transcript and be designated as “E” or “Excluded from GPA.”  Although an excluded course will not affect a student’s cumulative or major GPA, the grade received and associated credit(s)/unit(s) will be included in the GPA calculation to determine whether the student qualifies for graduation honors. An excluded course may not fulfill any requirement nor will it count toward credits/units needed for graduation. Using a course exclusion may result in a student having to take additional courses to meet graduation requirements.

The Course Exclusion option may not be used for:

  • A First-Year Seminar course
  • A course taken during the last semester prior to graduation
  • A course with an Honor Council sanction that specifically states the Course Exclusion may not be used.

A student choosing to elect the Course Exclusion option must do so through the completion of a Course Exclusion form in the Office of the Registrar. The appropriate dean of the school or college overseeing the student’s degree program must approve the request for a course exclusion. A student may declare a course for exclusion after the grade for the course has been posted and no later than the last day of class of their final semester of enrollment at the University.  Once submitted, approved, and recorded on the student’s record, the course exclusion option is finalized and, therefore, not reversible or transferable to a different course. Click here to access the Course Exclusion Form.