Course Retake Policy

Students may retake any course, if offered, in which they received a failing grade (F), which they dropped (X or XF), or from which they withdrew (W, WP, or WF). Students may also retake a course that they have used course exclusion on. Students who are planning to retake a course that has been failed or excluded must complete the on-line course retake form prior to registering.
In addition, students are allowed to retake one course, subject to the availability of seats, in which they have earned a passing grade and that they have not used course exclusion on. Only one such retake of a course will be permitted. This option may not be used for First-Year Seminar or Junior Seminar courses. A student who is registered to retake a course may be removed from the course prior to the first day of classes for the semester if there is an urgent need for another student who would be taking the course for the first time. The course must be taken at Stetson University. The credit(s)/unit(s) for the repeated course will count in the student’s semester academic load. Upon completion of the repeated course, both grades earned will be listed on the transcript regardless of the repeated course grade being the same, higher, or lower than the first attempt. All credit(s)/unit(s) attempted and all grades earned will count in the student’s cumulative GPA calculation and in the GPA calculation for graduation honors. Only the credit earned from one course will count toward required graduation credit(s)/unit(s). This may result in having to take additional courses to meet graduation requirements. Financial aid awards often depend on the number of new credits/units that a student is registered for, so students should discuss any plan to retake a course with Financial Aid. Students who are planning to retake a passed course must complete the on-line course retake form prior to registering.
It is strongly recommended that students only use the option to retake a passed course when they have not sufficiently mastered the skills that are needed for continued success in their academic plan. The GPA calculation that is done when a course is retaken, limits how much earning a higher grade will improve the GPA. Retaking a passed course may cause added expense or a delay in the completion of the degree.