Academic Withdrawal

If an enrolled student wishes to withdraw from the University, dropping all courses and leaving campus, they must comply with the withdrawal process described below. The policy for dropping an individual course is described elsewhere in the Catalog. (See Dropping Courses). 

A grade of F is recorded for all courses when a student stops attending or engaging online without prior approved withdrawal.

Medical Withdrawal

Students seeking a medical withdrawal should contact the Dean of Students Office, CUB 205, which serves as administrator of medical withdrawals for all students. Students must provide signed documentation from a medical or mental health care provider of continued care and need for a medical withdrawal. This documentation is subject to the approval of the Dean of Students. Students who are granted medical withdrawal will receive a grade of “W” assigned for each course. No credit is earned and the grade point average is not affected. Medical withdrawal has specific student account balance impact, stated here under "medical withdrawal": Student Withdrawal and Dropped Courses. The medical withdrawal packet is available in the Dean of Students Office (CUB 205) or available online.

Two documents are needed for Medical Withdrawal

  1. A Withdrawal Form from the Registrar's Forms Page 
  2. Documentation signed and from a medical or mental health care provider outlining the need for Medical Withdrawal. 

Except in unusual circumstances, the decision will ordinarily be communicated within 7 business days.

Returning From Medical Withdrawal

Individuals wishing to return to Stetson University following a medical withdrawal must submit a re-entry form which can be found here:


In addition, the student requesting to return from a Medical Withdrawal, must submit documentation from a medical or mental health care provider outlining the treatment received while away from the university including an assessment of readiness to return to Stetson. This information is subject to approval by the Dean of Students. The decision regarding re-entry will be based on an individualized assessment of the student’s readiness to resume studies and be a successful member of the campus community, with or without a reasonable accommodation.  If re-entry is granted following a medical withdrawal, students may be subject to specific, personalized conditions of return, including, but not limited to, a behavioral agreement. Requests for re-entry should be submitted no less than two weeks prior to the start of the semester for which the student is seeking re-entry. Except for unusual circumstances, the decision will ordinarily be communicated within 7 business days.

Appeal of Medical Withdrawal Decisions

Students may appeal a decision on a medical withdrawal or request for re-entry from medical withdrawal through the Vice President of Campus Life and Student Success who will hear and decide upon the appeal provided there is a legitimate basis for it.  Not being satisfied with the result of the process is not sufficient grounds to appeal.  Appeals must be on the grounds that one of the following has occurred: a) new information has been obtained, or b) it is believed the proper process was not followed.  Appeal requests must be submitted by the student through e-mail within three (3) business days of delivery of the decision.  A formal outcome letter will be sent to the student, except for unusual circumstances, within 7 business days. The decision will be final.

Official Withdrawal Procedures:

  • The student must complete the withdrawal process at least two weeks prior to the last day of classes in a semester (excluding summer term). Students may not withdraw during the last two weeks of a semester.
  • The withdrawal process is initiated with the Withdrawal Form on the Registrar's Forms Page and must be approved by Financial Aid, Residential Living and Learning (if applicable). Once initiated, the withdrawal process must be completed within seven calendar days.  No Withdrawal Forms will be accepted after 4:30 p.m. on the last day to officially withdraw during that semester.
  • When a student completes the withdrawal process a grade of “W” will be assigned for each course
  • Students wishing to return to Stetson University following a Withdrawal can do so through http://www.stetson.edu/administration/admissions/apply
  • Students are responsible for communicating with the Office of Student Financial Assistance to see how their withdrawal will affect their financial aid. At different points in the academic semester, the impact will vary. Based on the same percentage and date ranges as tuition and fees, the university will refund a portion of the student’s housing payment that is calculated according to the date of official withdrawal or official check-out from the assignment, whichever is later.  See Student Withdrawal and Dropped Courses elsewhere in this catalog.