Placement and Proficiency


All students at Stetson University must satisfy the Writing Requirement, which consists of four (4) approved courses, at least two of which must be from General Education.

Courses eligible to meet the Writing Requirement include:

  • WE designated courses
  • FSEMs
  • JSEMs
  • Writing Courses*

Students who expect to receive transfer, dual enrollment, AP, IB, or AICE credit for writing courses may transfer up to two (2) writing courses. The remaining courses must be completed at Stetson.

Note: First year students may opt to take ENGL 100 Transitions to College Reading and Writing following a Directed Self Placement survey offered during the summer prior to enrollment at Stetson. Students are typically referred to ENGL 100 by their FSEM instructor, but any first year student may inquire about ENGL 100 by  contacting the Writing Center Director. ENGL 100 will count as one of the four required courses only if the grade earned is a C or above. Students who do not earn the minimum grade may not count this course toward the writing requirement.


Courses whose focus is on the theory and practice of writing.

Quantitative Reasoning

All students must earn one unit in quantitative reasoning. Many courses in the Mathematics Department satisfy this requirement, as do select courses in other departments. Students should choose a course appropriate to their desired major and career plans, as outlined below. Students may receive credit for courses offered by the Mathematics Department or by receiving a satisfactory score on an AP, IB or AICE exam.

Mathematics courses numbered from 111-119 are designed for students who require a general course in quantitative reasoning (for instance, Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Music degrees). Students in Business or the sciences often have additional requirements and should consult with their major advisors on which courses are appropriate.

Some programs of study will require completion of an online placement exam. Scores on this exam will inform placement into specific math courses (MATH 122Q, MATH 130, or MATH 141Q) as well as guide students and their advisors in choosing an appropriate Q course.

Students scoring high enough on appropriate AP, IB or AICE exams may also receive credit for MATH 141Q and/or MATH 142Q. In general, students choosing majors in the School of Business Administration will take MATH 122Q in the freshman or sophomore year. Please note that this course has the following prerequisite: Math Placement Exam score of 11. Students seeking certification for teaching should consult with an advisor in Teacher Education to be certain of the latest State-mandated requirements in mathematics.

Modern Languages

The Modern Language Department is prepared to evaluate proficiency for French, German, Russian, and Spanish for placement purposes. For other languages, the means for demonstrating proficiency must be arranged by the student and approved by the Department.

All students who have had two or more years of a modern language in high school and wish to study that language at Stetson must take a placement exam. If they have taken four years of that language in high school, they will be placed in a 102 level or above, depending on placement test results. Students with fewer than four years of high school modern language will be placed into an appropriate level of that language based on individual case evaluations of their placement scores and years of previous exposure.

For additional details on placement and credit, contact the Chair of the World Languages and Cultures Department in Sampson Hall.