Students are expected to consult the Academic Calendar which is published on the Registrar’s webpage for the exact dates for adding or dropping courses each term.  Prior to making any changes to their registrations, students should consult with their advisors to ensure that they maintain enrollment in certain required courses and maintain compliance with any other academic and financial aid requirements. Student athletes should ensure that any changes to registration do not affect their NCAA eligibility.

Adding Courses

Courses may be added online starting during pre-registration and running through the add period at the beginning of the semester. Under rare circumstances, students may request permission to add a course after the close of the add period.  Students must obtain a change of registration form from the Registrar’s Office and seek approval (signatures) first from the instructor of the course, then from their academic advisor, and finally from their academic dean.

Dropping Courses

Students may not late drop FSEM 100.

Once classes start, students can drop a course up until mid-term (see the Academic Calendar for specific dates) but there may be financial aid penalty.

After the mid-term date and up until the last two weeks of class students can late drop a course, receiving a grade of X. Students cannot drop courses or withdraw within the last two weeks of the semester.

Late Drop Requirements

  • Complete the Change of Registration - Drop form. The following signatures are required: 
    • the Student
    • Financial Aid
    • the Student’s Academic Advisor
    • Student Athletes completing the Drop form are required to get the signature of the Assistant Athletic Director for Academics and Compliance
    • the Student's Dean

Late Drop Deadline

This deadline occurs two weeks before the end of classes for a full-term (fall or spring semester) course, and one week before the end of classes for half-term or summer courses (see the Academic Calendar for specific dates for each semester). A student can use the Late Drop for no more than 4 units of coursework.

Students who wish to drop all courses without adding other courses may do so by withdrawing from the University. See the section on Withdrawals for details.  

Cancellation of Registration

A student’s registration for a given period of enrollment may be canceled only if the student has not participated in any academically-related activity during the period of enrollment being considered and the date of cancellation is prior to the last day to drop a course without financial penalty. Academically-related activity includes, but is not limited to, attendance at a class, tutorial, lesson, exam, study group related to a course for which the student is registered, or computer assisted instruction. Registered students participating in any academically-related activity during a period of enrollment may withdraw from the University in accordance with the established withdrawal policy. The appropriate academic Dean is the final authority on granting cancellation status.


  • New students register prior to the start of orientation.
  • Current students register a few weeks after mid-term for the courses they will take during the next semester. The order of registration is determined by the student’s classification as a senior, junior, etc. based on the total credits earned to that date.
  • Late Registration Fee - The timeliness of registration is important for the effective and efficient planning of all academic programs. A late registration fee will be charged to all currently enrolled undergraduate students who have not registered for the next academic semester by 4:30 pm on the last day of classes in any regular semester (fall for spring; spring for summer/fall). Please check the academic calendar to verify these dates. This fee will be in the amount of $100.00. This fee will not be charged to students who could not register due to student account holds.  Students who have not registered for their courses by the deadline will have a registration hold placed on their account and will be able to register only when the hold has been removed by the Bursar’s office.
  • First-year students with earned credits of 0-26 must have permission from the academic Dean to enroll in 300- and 400-level courses.

Undergraduate versus Graduate level courses

Graduate courses are not open to undergraduates.