Course Load Policy

Stetson University undergraduates typically carry a semester course load of 4 units (16 credits). All students are allowed a load as high as 4.75 units (19 credits). Once a student has earned 4 units (16 credits) at Stetson, the maximum credit load is determined by the total credits earned and the overall GPA, as shown in the table below:

Total Earned Credits GPA Maximum Course Load
0-3.75 Units (0-15 credits) Any 4.75 Units (19 credits)
4-15.75 Units (16-63 credits) 0-3.49 4.75 Units (19 credits)
3.5-4.0 5 Units (20 credits)
16-23.75 Units (64-95 credits) 0-3.29 4.75 Units (19 credits)
3.3-4.0 5 Units (20 credits)
24 or more Units (96 or more credits) 0-1.99 4.75 Units (19 credits)
2.0-4.0 5 Units (20 credits)

Students must have four or more units earned at Stetson to qualify for a load exceeding 4.75 units.

A course load exceeding the levels shown in the table is called a course overload, and it may be granted to allow a student to pursue an exceptional opportunity. A request for a course overload requires a recommendation from the student’s academic adviser, and is made to the student’s academic dean.

Summer Course Load

  • Undergraduate students may take up to 2 units at a time.
  • The maximum undergraduate student course load for the entire summer is 3 units.
  • A student desiring to transfer in more than 10 credits of summer school credit toward a degree at Stetson University in any year must have advance permission from the appropriate academic Dean.